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This is some big news for people that are trying to grow their accounts on Instagram, Instagram Reels is a great option for putting even more content out there.

Many of you have been asking, what’s Instagram Reels maximum video length, and what are the requirements of it, like the video file type, aspect ratio, and video size.

Today we are going to be answer everything that you should know about this new Instagram feature.

Let’s start…


What’s Instagram Reels maximum video length?

According to Instagram itself, Instagram Reels maximum video length is 90 seconds.

This means that literally, anyone using the app will be able to upload up to 90 seconds of content to the platform.

Instagram Reels Video File Type Requirement

Based on what Instagram has said until now, videos should be in MP4 file format.

They have not really talked much about others formats, but as of right now, MP4 seems to be the only one to go for.

Instagram Reels Video Size

For videos that are in the 10 minutes or less category, the maximum video size is 650 MB, and for all the videos that could be up to 60 minutes, the video size limit is 5.4 GB.

This is very interesting to see how big the files can be.

As of now, we have not seen any way to come around this, to upload bigger sized videos.

What content can I upload to Instagram Reels?

Instagram has talked about this, and on their site, they said this:

We want to create the best possible experience for everyone on Instagram. That means videos that don’t follow our Community Guidelines may be removed from Instagram. If you see something that you think may violate our guidelines, you can report it

Their community guidelines are very strict.

If you are already thinking that whatever you want to post won’t be allowed, chances are, it will not.

But I encourage to read their guidelines and their Terms of Use to further understand what they are trying to accomplish with their content restrictions and rules.

Summary of Instagram’s Guidelines:

1- They don’t want you to use content that other people have the right to.

By this, they mean that you shouldn’t be using other people’s content and that you should always post authentic things.


We always see a lot of Instagram accounts for reposting content from all over the internet.

They are in a sense taking the right to that content, without even asking.

Most people don’t really when you take their content just as long as you give them credit for it, so, always do it.

If not, then you could potentially get asked by Instagram to remove whatever you posted.

2- Post content that anyone could watch.

Instagram wants you putting photos and videos that are “appropriate for a diverse audience.”

If your content cannot be watched by 13 years old children, which is the minimum age to be on Instagram, then you are not following their guideline.

Nudity is not allowed unless is in photos of paintings and sculptures.

3- Don’t spam others, instead, “foster meaningful and genuine interactions.”

They want you to limit yourself when it comes to posting repetitive comments or content across the platform, contacting people, and artificially collecting likes, followers or shares.

If you think that Instagram won’t be ok with what you are doing, generally, they won’t.

So, stay away from things that might get you banned, as the ones we just mentioned.

4- Always follow the law.

Don’t praise or support terrorism, crime, or hate groups.

Don’t offer sexual services or the buying and selling of firearms, or prescription drugs.

No matter if it is legal in where you live, it is not allowed.

Also, all accounts promoting online games that use real money, gambling, or online lotteries, must get a written permission before doing so.

5- Respect other users.

Don’t be offending anyone, don’t posts content with threats or hate speech or anything that “targets private individuals to degrade or shame them.”

Instagram won’t allow you to publish personal information meant to blackmail or harass someone.

Never encourage violence or attacks on other individuals.

6- Don’t promote self-injury.

Never tell others to embrace self-injury.

They also say that they will “remove content identifying victims or survivors of self-injury if the content targets them for attack or humor.”

Don’t make fun of others that are going through this type of situation.

7- Avoid posting “videos of intense, graphic violence to make sure Instagram stays appropriate for everyone.”

When posting news, and any other information, sometimes, they can involve graphic images.

Instagram could remove any content to make sure that it stays “appropriate for everyone.”

If they are for education purposes, Instagram encourages you to tell others that your photo contains this type of content.

Place a warning about the graphic images, and you should generally be good.

What tricks are people using already?

1- Landscape videos on their only vertical option

We will update this section on a regular basis since this feature is very new.

As of right now, one of the tricks that I’ve seen others using is putting a landscape video as a vertical one.

How do you do this?

You can read our article called how to upload a landscape video to Instagram Reels? In there we talk about every way to do it, on both Android and iOS.

The first user that I ever saw was @kingbach. He did it in two ways, we explained the one we liked the most.

You can check out how he did it, but he just rotated the video so others can simply rotate their phones and watch it full screen.

As of right now, this practice is not breaking any Instagram rule, and in our opinion, it won’t.

They really want to encourage the use of vertical videos, but I don’t think they will do anything against those that rotate the video.

In fact, I believe that they will eventually put out an update in which you can naturally upload landscape videos.

Here are all the major moments from Instagram’s press event in San Francisco on June 20.

In this video they talk about Instagram now having 1 billion monthly users, and their new feature Instagram Reels.

I encourage you to watch it since they talk about the unique features that are being introduced to Instagram and how they are planning to use it to create more content.

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