Cat Hashtags (to copy and paste) on Instagram to make your cat famous already

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Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have revolutionized the way we share content and engage with our followers.

If you’re a cat lover aiming to expand your audience, using effective and trendy hashtags can provide incredible assistance.

This method aids in filtering your content into categories, allowing it to reach individuals who share similar interests.

This article provides valuable insight into various hashtags that are particularly popular among the cat-loving community.

Understanding the use of these hashtags can allow you to better position your content, ensuring it reaches the right audience, therefore enlarging your follower base.

With the help of this article, you will explore the pivotal role of hashtags in growing your social media presence.

Experience the effectiveness of these techniques while observing the growth and interaction within your online community.

Cat Hashtags For Instagram and TikTok

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How can you use these hashtags effectively?

You will need to post relevant content as well.

For example, on Instagram, if you are using hashtags, make sure that your photos and/or videos are related to them.

This will make it easier to grow your engagement in comparison to simply copying and pasting irrelevant hashtags in there.

The good thing is, we have put them into groups of 30.

This makes it easy for you to come back, and pick a different group every time you are posting in the same niche or about the same subject.

Have in mind that any of your posts can get featured in the top section of a certain hashtag on Instagram.

This will dramatically bust your post impressions and will increase the chances of getting more followers, likes or comments, so be prepared for that in case it happens by always posting high-quality content.

How are others using these cat hashtags on Instagram?

Many people use these cat hashtags every day.

Let’s take a look at some post that we have found on Instagram in the cat niche.

Take a look at this picture by @cats_of_instagram for example:

As you can see, they have a very high-quality photo that they are re-posting from somebody else.

They did a great job with the caption and with giving the proper credits to whoever took the photo.

But one thing they could have done differently is to put the hashtags in the comments section as the first comment.

We always say this, and if you read our blog often enough, you know this is true.

It just looks more professional and most people won’t even notice that you are using hashtags.

How it would work is that as soon as you publish your Instagram content, you would go ahead and paste the 30 hashtags as the first comment.

They will have the same functionality and your posts will still appear all over the hashtag section of those that you use.

One thing, though, notice how we said “as soon as you publish”.

This is because everything works chronologically, and let’s say you posted a photo 30 minutes ago and you paste your hashtags now, then that said photo will still appear beside the content that was posted 30 minutes ago.

Why is this important?

If you don’t do it right away, fewer people will see them since they will have to scroll down even more in order to get to where your content is.

It is a small detail, but it’s very important.

Now take a look at this other post by @catcaws

If you pay attention to it, they did do what we talked about before; having the 30 hashtags in the first comment, that’s great.

hashtags in comments cat hashtags

But they don’t really have a caption or anything that encourage people to comment on the post.

A simple…

What do you think? Let’s us know in the comments section below and tag somebody that should see this photo.

…would have done a good job.

They used hashtags such as #cat, #cats (both included in our lists). These hashtags get a lot of new posts every day, and just traffic in general:

Just take a look…

hashtag cat hashtags for cats

Both of them have millions of posts.

If you are in the cat niche, or just posting about cats every now and then, just know that there is an audience for you out there.

Seeing these huge number tells us that there are people interested in seeing this type of content. At the same time, it’s also a sign of a highly competitive market.

cat hashtags hashtag cats

So, how do you go about ranking in these high-traffic hashtags and standing out from everyone else?

Keep reading as we will answer this question, and also talk about how you should be setting yourself apart from the competition so that users follow you instead of somebody else.

How to rank on a certain cat hashtag?

If you see that it’s hard for you to rank on let’s say #cat, then this is what you should do.

By the way, when we say “rank” we really mean being featured as a top post for a certain amount of time, and maybe even be on the explorer page for a while.

Sometimes, unless you have a highly engaged following, it will be hard to rank on these high-traffic hashtags.

They will all feature big accounts.

Instagram decides what to rank or not, based on the number of likes, comments, and the engagement of the post in general.

So, if your content does not get instant likes, and comments, we are talking about a lot of them, then it will be hard to do this.

That is why the best alternative is to target smaller hashtags that still get traffic, but yet, people don’t use that often.

For example, #catsofworld (already included in our selection above):

easier hashtags cat hashtags

Using these low-traffic hashtags will allow you to get featured as a top post very easily, and then if you get likes after that and build a good momentum, then it might even get easier to rank on a high-traffic hashtag afterward.

The idea is to use other hashtags to help you get to the big ones.

cat hashtags catsofinstagram hashtag

So, if you see that we have included in our list a hashtag that doesn’t really get millions of post every week, just know that it was meant to be like that.

How to grow a cat page on Instagram?

There are many ways to grow a cat page on Instagram or an account in the cat niche in general.

The following are the ones that we have seen work very well all the time:

1- Use hashtags

Just scroll up, and you will find our very own selection of the best hashtags on Instagram for cats.

Simply copy them, and paste them as the first comment right after you publish your content.

Hashtags will allow you to be everywhere on Instagram, and it will actually give you a chance of getting discovered out there by your potential audience.

2- Get featured on big pages; get shout-outs from other accounts

This one is one of the best ways and it only works if your page is a personal cat account and not a re-post account.

You will get your content in front of millions of people if you do the right thing.

See, there are many big accounts on Instagram that all they do is re-post content from other creators.

These accounts have not one thousand, or two thousand, but millions of followers:

cat hashtags hashtag cats

They even have a link to submit content to get approved for a feature, and they also pick from the hashtag #catsofinstagram (included above).

As you might guess, a lot of people are trying to do this same thing, so is very important for you to stand out and be unique.

Make sure that the content that you submit is yours and not from anybody else, and that it has some value in it (something that this page could really benefit from).

instagram cat hashtags cats account

Just at the same time, you still have smaller accounts doing the same thing, for example, @cats:

They have fewer followers, but you could still benefit from this in many ways.

All they ask is for you to tag them for a chance to be featured.

By doing this on your best pictures and videos, you will really open yourself to new marketing ways that often times are free of charge.

Notice that we had “often times” and “free of charge” in the same sentence.

This is because many of this accounts could sometimes ask people for a fee in order to get featured.

So, if you don’t want to waste your money at all, make sure to find the ones that are free by asking them via DM, or maybe just by reading their bio (which usually states something ab

3- Always post high-quality content

If people don’t like what you have on your Instagram page, they will simply not follow you.

Make sure that your content is appealing, and that it makes sense.

This means that if your page is about cats, don’t post about dogs unless is related to cats.

I hope you get what I’m trying to say here.

Also, when I say “high-quality” it is not only about the quality of the photo as in how good it looks, it is also about the content itself and what you are making your followers see on their timeline.

4- Give more value than what people would expect

I always say this, but let’s do it one more time.

Just give value to your audience. If they follow you, it’s because they liked what you are doing at some point.

At the same time, give them more than what they expect you to give.

Share a story behind the post, share some fun facts about cats, encourage others to comment, etc.

5- Be unique

Just be you, and be different from anyone else.

Yes, it is good to look at what others are doing and mimic it in a way, but if you don’t stand out, then you will just be another account posting about cats.

Be “the” account, and not “an” account; there is a huge difference that I encourage you to think about.

One makes you be the account that everyone goes to, and the other makes you to just be an average page on the platform.

You should also watch this YouTube video by Anubhav Roy, in which he talks about 5 Tips To Grow Your Instagram Organically.

He mentions how every now and then you should like pictures and comment on other posts that are in the same niche that you are.

In our very own personal opinion, yes, this is a good thing, but just as long as you don’t do it excessively.

Make sure that if you engage with other users, you are doing it in a genuine way and not just copying and pasting irrelevant things in other people’s posts.

Also, he says that Instagram’s hashtags limit is 25, which is incorrect, it has always been 30 hashtags per post.

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