About Us

This is who we are!

Hashtagie.com is all about providing you with tools that will help you reach out to a bigger audience and get discovered by people that will actually care about you and like what you do.

We aim to offer you the best hashtags on Instagram for any niche or keyword.

How it all started:

We were just like everybody, regular users looking for hashtags to copy and paste to our own personal posts.

After noticing that all the results were irrelevant and contained words that had nothing to do with the word being searched, we thought that it would be a good idea to create a platform where the hashtags were hand-selected by real humans that know what makes sense and what does not.

Just like that Hashtagie.com was created.

One of the benefits that we think we provide is the review of new technologies and algorithms throughout social media that are constantly being updated; we try to bring you a real-time alert or news of everything that is happening with the most popular platforms out there.

Our mission:

To help you grow with hashtags and to help you get discovered by the people that will actually care about you.

Most frequent questions and answers

We are located in Miami, Florida.

No, we are not affiliated with Instagram in any way. We are regular users with business and personal accounts but we don’t work for them. We do spend most of our time inside the app and extremely love it, though.