Fortnite Hashtags To Increase Your Instagram & TikTok Reach

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The ever-evolving world of Social Media is nothing less than a battleground, with influencers, gamers, artists, and brands vying for user attention.

The weapon they wield for visibility and recognition? Not surprisingly, it’s hashtags.

Famously known for enhancing the discoverability of content, they can be a magic wand for those intending to grow their digital footprint.

This is particularly true if your content revolves around popular games such as Fortnite.

Leveraging the right set of Fortnite related hashtags could be the game-changer you need for your Instagram and TikTok profiles, post reach, and engagements.

This subsequent discussion aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how you can efficiently utilize these tags.

Its focus is on helping you build a robust hashtag strategy to expand your social media presence.

Fortnite Hashtags For Instagram and TikTok

#fortnite #fortnitememes #fortniteclips #fortnitebattleroyale #fortnitebr #fortnitecommunity #fortnitegameplay #fortnitegame #fortnitenews #fortniteps4 #fortniteleaks #fortnitexbox #fortnitememe #fortnitedance #fortnitesolo #fortnitelovers #fortnitesniping #fortnitevbucks #fortnitewin #fortnitestreamer #fortnitepc #fortnitely #fortniteskins #fortnitefunny #fortnitechallenges #fortnitethegame #fortniteduos #fortnitebattleroyalememes #fortnitetoday #fortnitedaily

#fortniteshop #fortniteclansrecruiting #fortnitebattleroyal #fortniteaccountsforsale #fortnitemares #fortniteteam #fortnitemobile #fortnitesquads #fortnitemontage #fortniteitemshop #fortnitelive #fortnitepro #fortniteplays #fortnitecreative #fortniteclip #fortniteios #fortnitemoments #fortnitekills #fortnitewins #wtffortnite #fortnitefun #fortnitevideos #fortnitechristmas #fortnitegiveaway #fortnitebatrleroyale #fortnitesquad #fortniteedits #fortnitehighlights #fortniteclan #fortnitegaming

#fortniteconsole #fortnitechapter2 #fortnitesnipes #bestoffortnite #fortniteclans #fortnitefails #fortniteespaña #fortniteaccountforsale #fortnitefunnymoments #fortniteaccounts #fortniteedit #fortniteupdate #fortnitehalloween #fortniteaccount #fortniteseason9 #fortniteandroid #fortnitefr #fortniteskin #fortnitegames #fortniteduo #fortniteworldcup #fortniteplayground #instafortnite #fortniteinstagram #fortnitepictures #fortniteworld #igfortnite #fortnitetime #fortnitepower #fortnitepic

#fortnitebrasil #fortnitevibes #fortniteitalia #fortnitepeople #fortnitebattlepass #fortniteday #fortnitesavetheworld #fortnitevideo #fortniteseason8 #fortnitenight #fortnitesniper #fortnitesolos #fortnitetips #fortniteseason7 #fortnitemorning #fortniteps #fortnitetrickshot #fortnitegamer #fortnitetrickshots #fortnitegfx #fortniteafternoon #fortnitethumbnails #fortnitetrade #fortnitegod #fortniteargentina #fortnitesleepovers #fortnitexboxone #fortnitephotography #fortnitechile #fortniteseason10

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#fortnitelogos #fortnitetrades #fortnitekill #fortniteseason4 #pcfortnite #fortniteblockbuster #fortnitelife #fortniteskincombos #fortniteog #fortnitemexico #fortniteswitch #fortniteseasonx #fortnitetradeaccounts #fortniteseason6 #fortnite2 #fortnitecontent #fortniteglitch #twitchfortnite #fortnitecontroller #fortnitephotos #fortnitemiddleeastservers #fortniteclanrecruiting #fortnitetodayclips #fortnitecombos #memesfortnite #fortniteproam #fortniteaccountsfortrade #funnyfortnite #fortnitefail #fortnitebuilt

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How relevant are these Fortnite hashtags?

These hashtags are all related to the word that is being searched.

They all have something to do with the game and all the words are usually used in the same sentence or conversation as Fortnite.

We noticed that people just want to copy and paste the hashtags into their posts, that is why we made it easier for them to do that with our copy-to-clipboard buttons.

What these buttons will do is that they will automatically save the hashtags to your clipboard, so the next thing you will need to do is paste them wherever you want.

What are some ways to use these hashtags effectively?

You must post relevant content as well.

For example, on Instagram, you will need to make sure that whatever you publish is related to them.

This will help you build and grow your engagement as opposed to just copying and pasting irrelevant hashtags in there; make people find what they are looking for.

The good thing is, we have put them into groups of 30.

This makes it easy for you to come back, and copy a different group every time you are posting in the same niche or about the same topic.

Always remember that any of your posts can get featured in the top section of a certain hashtag on Instagram.

This will dramatically bust your post impressions and will increase the chances of getting more followers, likes or comments, so be prepared for that in case it happens by always posting high-quality content.

How are others using these hashtags?

Many people use one Fornite hashtag, and others use 30, some others prefer to put them in the caption and others in the first comment.

Let’s take a look at this post by @tfue_clips:

We found it by searching for #fornite; this hashtag is definitely working for them.

Just as the post above, they have a video with a simple caption, their Fortnite hashtags are in the captions and they just used a few of them.

One thing that they could add is a question of something to encourage other to do something more than just watch the video, maybe comment or share, just as we have seen it before.

Let’s take a look at this Instagram video by @victoryroyale

This one is the perfect example of how to use Fortnite hashtags, and this is why.

This post is simply what everyone should be doing.

A nice short and relevant caption with a question that makes people want to comment and talk to each other, all their hashtags in the first comment and a high-quality video.

Just because they were reposting a video of somebody else, they gave credits to the actual owner of the content; that’s always the right thing to do.

You can generally repost other people’s content without getting in any trouble just if you mention them in your post.

Let’s take a look at this post by the official Fornite account

I wanted to show you this post so you can do this one thing next time.

As you can see they have only one hashtag in the caption, that is #SummerSkirmish.

Think about how many people will be clicking that hashtags just because @fornite mentioned.

What can you do about it?

As soon as you see this type of opportunity, make sure you post something relevant to the topic and use the same hashtag.

I can guarantee you that your post will get a lot of exposure if you do it fast, right after some big account uses it.

The Fortnite account has at the time of writing this, more than 24m followers. That is a lot of people that could be your potential new followers.

Try finding big accounts that have Fornite as their main theme or content, and be on top of whatever new trend gets started.

I encourage you to watch this YouTube video by Jeven Dovey in which you will learn how he and his friend are growing their Instagram accounts with the help of hashtags. 

One thing we want to say is that they mentioned that you should use 28 hashtags instead of 30 because that way you are under Instagram’s radar, and you will prevent your account from getting flagged or taken down.

In order for Instagram to take down your account you must be doing a lot of spammy activities, and when I say spammy, I mean SPAMMY.

Instagram won’t take your account down if you use 30 hashtags, and throughout the years we haven’t seen any problem at all with doing so.

As I said, very recommended to watch this video since they talk about everything that’s important to grow an Instagram account.

How to grow your Fortnite Instagram and TikTok account?

Growing your Fortnite Instagram and TikTok account can seem as intense as a Fortnite battle.

With several features, techniques, and strategies, it can give you a headstart in building your own community and establishing an online presence in the realm of gaming.

So, let’s go ahead and reveal the top 10 tips to level up your Fortnite Instagram and TikTok account.

1. Consistent Posting Is Key

The first essential technique to grow your Fortnite social media account is regularity in your content posting.

Be it Instagram or TikTok, the algorithm prefers accounts that are active and regularly provide new content.

A regular stream of engaging content can attract more viewers and increase your chances of gaining followers.

2. High-Quality Content Fares Well

The quality of your content is also a crucial consideration.

Low-quality posts or videos can drive away potential followers.

Hence, ensure that your posts, images, clips, or TikTok videos function well visually and are in high-resolution, so they are enjoyable to watch.

3. Utilize Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags can significantly boost your reach on both platforms, especially Instagram.

Including trending and relevant Fortnite hashtags in your posts can make your content appear in searches related to those keywords, enhancing visibility and following.

4. Keep an Eye on Trends

An effective way to grab attention is keeping up with Fortnite trends and integrating them into your content.

Stay updated with the game changes, character add-ons, famous Fortnite influencers’ posts, or the latest dance craze.

Then, create content aligning with these trends to make your account relatable for your followers.

5. Engage With Your Followers

Interaction is crucial for growing your followers count.

Respond to comments on your posts, engage in discussions, host live streams, and answer queries.

This interaction creates a sense of community among your followers and fosters a positive relationship with them.

6. Collaborate With Other Fortnite Players

Collaborative content with other Fortnite players delivers fresh content to your followers, increases your reach, and ultimately grows your followers count.

Through collaborations, you can tap into the audience of other players, boosting your growth rate.

7. Utilize Instagram Stories and TikTok Duets

Instagram stories are often more viewed than the posts themselves, offering a substantial potential audience.

Similarly, TikTok duets allow users to create content with other TikTokers, providing additional visibility.

Taking advantage of these features can significantly increase your reach.

8. Create Unique and Original Content

While it’s crucial to keep up with trends, originality also pays.

If you can provide followers with unique content they cannot find elsewhere, they will gravitate towards your account.

9. Regularly Analyze Your Performance

Use Instagram and TikTok analytics tools to track the performance of your posts.

Reviewing these metrics can provide insight into what works, which posts generate the most engagement, and the content your followers prefer.

10. Conduct Contests and Giveaways

Lastly, holding contests and giveaways related to Fortnite can give your account a substantial boost.

By requiring participants to like, comment, or follow your account to enter, you can significantly increase user engagement and follower count.

Growing your Fortnite Instagram and TikTok account can be a fun and gratifying journey.

With consistent effort, quality content, and the right engagement strategies, you’ll be able to build a followers community faster than you can say “Victory Royale!”

What are some popular Fortnite hashtags on Instagram and TikTok?

#Fortnite is the most straightforward and commonly used hashtag, followed by #FortniteBattleRoyale, owing to the game’s genre.

Other trendy hashtags include #FortniteMemes, which players use to share funny moments, memes, and comics about the game.

#FortniteClips, used to share short clips of exciting or interesting game moments.

Hashtags like #FortniteVictoryRoyale and #FortniteWin are also very popular for showcasing game wins.

#FortniteSkins, put to use majorly when discussing or showing off character’s outfits, known as skins in the game.

Are there specific Fortnite hashtags per platform?

Overall, the hashtags used on Instagram and TikTok are pretty similar since they both cater to the same kind of content.

However, platform-specific trends can create unique hashtags.

For instance, on TikTok, hashtag challenges are trendy; hence, tags like #FortniteDanceChallenge or #FortniteEmoteChallenge may be more common there than on Instagram.

You will want to keep an eye on current trends on each platform as these can sometime dictate the most popular hashtags of the moment.

Can using Fortnite hashtags improve the visibility of my posts?

Yes, using Fortnite hashtags can indeed increase your post’s visibility.

Hashtags act like keywords, helping users discover content on a specific topic or theme.

By using relevant Fortnite hashtags, you can reach out to the game’s passionate community, increasing likes, comments, shares, and potentially gaining more followers.

Remember, don’t overuse hashtags – select those that are most pertinent to your content.

Should you create my own Fortnite hashtag?

Creating your own Fortnite hashtag can serve as a branding effort, especially if you’re a content creator or influencer.

However, it’s important to continue using popular Fortnite hashtags to ensure your posts reach broader audiences.

Having a unique hashtag can help unify your content under a singular brand and could eventually catch on with your followers if it is used consistently enough.

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