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12 Tips to Grow Your Home Decor Instagram Account (2024)

18 Mins read

In the realm of social media, Instagram has surfaced as a potent tool for businesses, particularly ones rooted in creativity and aesthetics.

For home decor enthusiasts, this platform offers an incredible opportunity to showcase their style, influence trends, and attract clientele.

Success, however, is not immediate and requires strategic planning and skillful execution.

This discourse will delve into indispensable strategies that can significantly boost your account’s reach and engagement.

We will decode proven methods that have aided successful home decor accounts and also caution against common pitfalls.

Brace yourself for valuable insights into the world of Instagram marketing for home decor.

Tips To Grow Your Home Decor Instagram Account

1. Use high-quality, aesthetically pleasing images

Using high-quality, aesthetically pleasing images is paramount to growing your home decor Instagram account.

The first impression of your potential followers comes from the visuals you present on your account.

Everyone appreciates great aesthetics and the higher the quality of your photos, the more professional your account appears.

This not only gives an impression of commitment but also can attract followers who appreciate fine attention to detail.

Of utmost importance is having a consistent theme to match your style of home decor.

This consistency helps to create a cohesive look that makes your account more visually appealing.

Also, images that showcase different angles and close-ups can also be very effective.

They provide variety and a deeper understanding of how your decor fits together.

Make sure to use natural light as much as possible while taking your images.

This adds a genuine feel to your images and presents the decor items in their true colors.

Look for ways to emphasize the unique features of your decor pieces by taking your photos from different perspectives.

By doing this, you allow your followers to appreciate the intricate details of your decor items.

This can serve to inspire them, increasing their interaction with your posts.

Do not shy away from using editing tools to enhance the appeal of your images.

Sometimes the camera might not capture the photos exactly as you would like them to appear, therefore, small editing tweaks can significantly improve your photos.

Curating a well-structured gallery of your images is another excellent way of maintaining high aesthetic appeal.

This entails planning your posts to ensure they flow seamlessly on your Instagram grid.

For anyone seeking detailed information on how to optimize the quality of their Instagram photos, this insightful video is a great resource.

It offers comprehensive guidance for enhancing the clarity of your images to ensure they stand out.

In the grand scheme of things, quality triumphs over quantity.

Finding the perfect balance between the number of posts you make and the quality of your images is vital.

It’s always better to take your time in making one great post rather than hastily posting several substandard images.

Keeping these points in mind, the power of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing images in growing your home decor Instagram account cannot be overly emphasized.

Strive to consistently deliver top-notch visuals, and watch your account attract and retain more followers.

2. Consistently post at popular times

One of the most significant ways to boost your home decor Instagram account is to consistently post at popular times.

A study from Sprout Social suggests that the best times to post are Wednesday at 11 a.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

A consistent posting schedule doesn’t only keep your existing followers engaged, but it also helps draw in new followers.

To maintain consistency, aim to post at least once a day, ensuring to post during the high traffic times.

However, it is equally important to pay attention to your audience’s most active times on Instagram.

Paying attention to your audience’s most active times is crucial because that’s when they’re most likely to see and engage with your posts.

There are tools like Instagram Insights that will help you understand when your audience is the most active.

With Instagram Insights, you can find the best times to post and plan your content accordingly.

Posting at these high engagement times can lead to more likes, comments, and shares, which in turn helps to increase your account’s visibility.

Another important note is to remember the quality of your posts too.

If the quality of your posts is not appealing, even posting during active times may not yield the desired engagement.

As a home decor Instagram account, your posts should inspire your audience towards creating a beautiful living environment.

A mix of product photos, inspirational quotes, before and after photos and DIY tips can keep your audience engaged.

Every post should be a clear representation of your brand, and it should be something that your audience can relate to or aspire to.

In conclusion, posting consistently at popular times, understanding your audience’s active times, and maintaining the quality of your content are all key to growing your Home Decor Instagram account.

3. Engage with Followers Through Comments and Messages

When it comes to growing your home decor Instagram account, interacting fully with your followers is a key aspect.

This is more than merely posting pictures and waiting for likes and comments to come in. To truly stimulate engagement, you need to encourage communication.

One of the best ways to do this is by responding to comments on your posts.

People are more likely to continue engaging with your content if they see you are appreciative of their input.

Moreover, it motivates other followers to comment on your posts because they know you will respond to them.

Very importantly, ensure your responses are genuine and tailored and not generic responses.

Another valuable approach is to proactively reach out to your followers through messages.

Start conversations, ask for feedback, or express gratitude for their following.

This creates a more strong bond between you and your followers.

Interestingly, it will make them more committed to your account, thereby boosting your engagement rate.

It’s a fantastic way to show you value their input and consider them integral contributors to your home decor community.

This video will illustrate to you how to effectively engage with your followers.

You’ll learn how these engagement strategies can skyrocket your followers’ growth and solidify your Instagram presence.

Undeniably, one of the most potent ways to grow your home decor Instagram account is through interaction with your audience.

The more you communicate and bond with your community, the more they feel a part of your brand, leading to higher engagement, loyalty, and growth.

4. Use Relevant and Popular Home Decor Hashtags

When striving to grow your Home Decor Instagram account, one useful strategy is to consider incorporating relevant and popular hashtags.

Recognised as a powerful tool for visibility, hashtags can vastly increase your content’s reach, thereby attracting more followers.

Prioritizing the use of home decor-specific hashtags can help direct your content toward audiences specifically interested in home decor.

This approach optimizes your content for discovery by those who are more likely to engage with your posts and follow your account.

The importance of using relevant tags cannot be overstated, as Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes posts with relevant and high-performing hashtags.

In addition to niche-specific hashtags, it’s also ideal to incorporate popular, trending hashtags in your posts.

The incorporation of trending hashtags can introduce your content to larger audiences.

This can, in turn, accelerate your reach and allow you to engage with a wide range of Instagram users.

However, balance is key – too many hashtags on a post may appear spammy, and so it’s important to aim for a versatile mix of relevant, trending, and specific hashtags.

Researching popular home decor hashtags can be a gamechanger, and tools like Hashtagify or Instagram’s native explore feature can be quite helpful.

Whether your post is about a minimalist living room, a boho-inspired bedroom, or DIY decor crafts, relevant and tailored hashtags will see you reaching your desired audience.

Consistently using appropriate hashtags in your home decor posts hence ensures that your content gets seen by the right people at the right time.

For more traction, consider creating your own branded hashtags.

This not only enhances brand recognition, but also encourages your followers to share and engage with your content.

At the end of the day, the aim is to create a community of followers that resonates with your brand message, and the correct use of hashtags can greatly contribute to achieving this.

When executed correctly, the consistent use of relevant, popular, and branded hashtags can effectively support the growth and expansion of your home decor Instagram account.

It’s also crucial to track the performance of your hashtags to understand which ones are creating the most impact.

Continual re-evaluation and refinement of your hashtag strategy will, therefore, be necessary for sustained account growth.

5. Run contests or giveaways to boost engagement.

One of the best strategies for boosting engagement and growing your home decor Instagram account is running contests or giveaways.

Contests and giveaways not only attract a larger audience but also encourage interaction amongst your followers.

One of the most efficient ways of running these promotions is by encouraging your followers to engage with your posts.

For example, you might ask them to like your post, tag a friend in the comments, or share your content on their own profile as a requirement to enter the giveaway.

This form of engagement can help you to increase your reach, engagement rate, and ultimately attract lots of new followers.

Additionally, hosting giveaways where you partner with brands or other influencers can double your impact.

When you collaborate with others, you are given the opportunity to access their audience as well as yours.

This cross-promotion can benefit all parties involved exponentially.

The video above offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to run a successful contest or giveaway on Instagram, filled with crucial tips and tricks.

After watching, you’ll have all the knowledge needed to conduct effective and successful contests or giveaways on Instagram.

Remember to always make the giveaway process clear and easy to participate in. If there’s too much effort required from your followers, they might decide it’s not worth their time and abandon the activity entirely.

An example of a clear and simple rule might be: “Follow us, like this photo and tag two friends in the comments to win our home decor gift box!”

Also, always honor your commitments.

If you’ve announced that you will select a winner on a certain date, make sure you do.

Failing to do so could harm your brand’s reputation and lose the trust of your followers.

After running a successful contest or giveaway, you might find a significant uptick in your account’s engagement rates, follower numbers, and online visibility.

That’s because Instagram’s algorithm tends to favor accounts with high engagement rates.

Make sure you fully understand the legal requirements associated with running a giveaway in your particular location before you start.

Every jurisdiction has different rules and regulations, ignoring these could potentially land you in hot water.

In conclusion, by planning and executing a strategic contest or giveaway, you can create a buzz around your home decor Instagram account, effectively reaching a larger audience, and building stronger relationships with your followers.

By adhering to a few simple tips, running contests or giveaways can significantly enhance your Instagram growth efforts.

6. Collaborate with influencers or similar accounts

An effective way to grow your home decor Instagram account is through collaborations with influencers or similar accounts.

These collaborations can help you reach a wider audience as well as establish credibility in your industry.

Home decor influencers often have thousands or even millions of followers who trust their expertise and taste, making partnerships with them highly beneficial.

By partnering with an influencer, you can expose your brand to a new demographic and gain more followers.

This method works because people often follow influencers for ideas and recommendations, and if they see an influencer collaborating with your home decor account, they might see this as an endorsement and follow you as well.

Moreover, collaborating with influencers can also lead to a boost in engagement as their followers may interact with your account.

Similar accounts also offer another avenue for growth.

By engaging with and partnering with accounts that have a similar audience, you can extend your reach and gain new followers.

This tactic can be particularly helpful when starting out and trying to build a following base.

Another approach is to jointly hold contests or giveaways with these influencers or similar accounts, which can stir up excitement and drive significant engagement.

These partnerships can be casual or formal, depending on your strategy and resources.

It could be as simple as tagging each other in posts or as complex as co-developing a product.

Regardless of the approach, remember to always keep the collaboration authentic and relevant to your audience.

Overly promotional or forced partnerships could potentially backfire and deter followers.

Note that, while collaborations can help boost your account, they should not replace the need for quality content and consistent posting.

Always ensure that you balance collaborations with your individual posts and brand stories, to retain your followers’ interest.

With strategic partnerships and collaborations, growing your home decor Instagram account can be a much faster and efficient process.

7. Showcase Before-and-After Transformation Visuals

One excellent tactic to increase the popularity and reach of your home decor Instagram account is to utilize the power of transformation visuals.

Before-and-after images or videos are particularly compelling because they demonstrate the effect your home decor tips and products can have on a space.

These types of visuals offer tangible proof of your skills or the quality of your products.

They have the ability to capture attention and encourage users to interact with your posts, thus increasing your overall engagement.

This kind of content is not only interesting but also highly shareable, attracting new followers to your account.

Remember that the more your posts are shared, the wider your reach will be, and the faster your account will grow.

When creating before-and-after visuals, ensure to include detailed explanations.

For instance, if you’ve used a certain type of paint or followed a DIY tutorial, share these details with your followers so they can achieve similar results.

While showcasing transformations, it is essential to stick to your brand aesthetic and maintain high-quality visuals.

Having a consistent and visually pleasing style will further reinforce your brand and serve to attract your target audience.

Following through with this strategy not only shows off your products or skills but helps to establish a trusted and reliable image for your brand.

This, in turn, leads to higher user engagement rates, a loyal follower base, and ultimately enhances your Instagram account’s success.

Consider watching the above video for an insightful glimpse of a complete home transformation.

It should provide you with some inspiration for your own before-and-after posts and motivate you to make impactful changes in your abodes.

Now that we have given you this tip, the ball is in your court to take your Instagram home decor account to the next level.

Remember, consistency and quality are keys to creating engaging content and building a successful online presence.

8. Share User-Generated Content and Tag Them

When building your home decor Instagram account, one effective way to generate growth and engagement is by sharing user-generated content.

User-generated content (UGC) is any type of content that has been created and shared by unpaid contributors.

Often, these are fans or followers who provide a brand with a free form of advertising by showing their own experiences with a product or service.

For a home decor Instagram account, UGC might come in the form of followers sharing their home decor successes, transformations, DIY projects, or style inspirations.

These can be shared in your Instagram feed, Stories, or Reels and can help to build a sense of community and engagement around your brand.

By sharing their experiences and creations, you’re not only giving them a platform to shine, but also feeding your content pipeline with authentic and relatable content that others can connect with.

This statement is noteworthy because authenticity and relatability are two key components for growing an engaged following on Instagram.

People love to see real homes and real experiences, not just perfectly staged showrooms or unrealistic home decor setups.

Therefore, fostering a space where users share their content can be a great way to nourish community and trust.

Another important aspect of sharing user-generated content is to always give credit by tagging the original content creators.

Tagging them not only shows respect, but it also can drive traffic back to your account as these creators may repost your content or share it with their followers.

Moreover, tag users provide a positive reinforcement for them to keep sharing more user-generated content.

In the long run, by valuing your followers’ contributions, your account sends a message that it’s not just all about your brand, but rather, it’s a collaborative platform that appreciates and showcases the individual styles and stories of its followers.

To successfully implement this strategy, make sure to clearly communicate how your followers can share their content with you—whether it be through a branded hashtag, direct message, or by tagging you in their posts.

Above all, share user-generated content with a sense of enthusiasm and appreciation, as this will inspire others for their involvement and also reflect positively on your home decor brand.

9. Create unique, branded Instagram Stories

An exceptional way to grow your Home Decor Instagram account is to create unique, branded Instagram stories.

Instagram stories are a reliable tool for showcasing your unique style and maintaining constant engagement with your followers.

Unlike regular Instagram posts, stories allow for more spontaneity and creativity.

“Instagram stories are the perfect opportunity to showcase not just your products or services, but also your brand personality and behind-the-scenes moments.”

By this, you are not just attracting potential customers for your home decor products, you’re also nurturing a community around your brand.

Each Instagram story you create should be able to tell a part of your home decor brand story, whether it is a new product launch, a home transformation, practical DIY tips or even related personal anecdotes.

It’s significant to ensure that your Instagram stories are consistent with your overall brand identity.

Use your brand colors, fonts and tone of voice, and ensure it aligns with the aesthetics of your Instagram gallery.

This would not only enhance brand recognition but also solidify your brand image on the platform.

Instagram stories also provide opportunities to engage with your followers through features like polls, questions, and swipe up links.

When properly incorporated, these elements can drive higher engagement rates and valuable customer feedback.

Creating Instagram stories with a clear call-to-action can also drive traffic to your website or other social platforms.

Encourage users to visit your website for more information or to take part in an ongoing contest or promotion.

Branded Instagram stories can also be saved under your profile’s highlights section, thereby ever present for new or returning followers.

Maximizing Instagram stories can help your home decor business grow by keeping your content in constant rotation on your followers’ feeds, increasing your visibility, and enhancing your engagement and reach.

By watching the embedded clip, you can get engaging Instagram Story content ideas that are targeted at interior designers and home decor businesses.

The video further explains the idea of creating branded and unique Instagram stories, with an in-depth insight into the content strategy that can help your home decor Instagram account grow.

10. Offer Home Decor Tips and DIY Ideas

Offering useful home decor tips and DIY ideas can be a great way to grow your Instagram account and engage with your followers.

Sharing practical ideas inspires your followers and helps create a trusting relationship between your account and your audience.

This is especially important in the world of interior design, where trends continually change, and there are numerous ways to get creative with the look and feel of your home.

People often look to social media, specifically Instagram, to find creative and innovative home decor ideas.

By offering your expertise and unique ideas, you can become a reliable source of inspiration for your followers, leading to a larger and more engaged audience.

Another benefit of sharing home decor tips and DIY ideas is that it encourages user interaction, boosting your Instagram engagement.

The more your followers are engaged with your content, the more likely it is that others will discover your account.

Engagement is a fundamental algorithm factor for Instagram, so the more comments, likes, and shares your posts receive, the more visibility you’ll gain on the platform.

While sharing your tips and ideas, make sure you are authentic and original.

Avoid copying other popular accounts and focus on providing unique and personalized content.

You can show your creativity by experimenting with different DIY projects and then sharing your experience along with the final outcome.

Remember that on Instagram, a picture speaks louder than words.

So, alongside sharing your home decor tips and DIY ideas in text, also invest time in creating visually appealing images.

High-quality photos demonstrate your professionalism and also attract more views.

Sharing step-by-step guides of your DIY projects in the form of Instagram stories or multiple photo posts can intrigue your followers and add more value to your content.

If you’re not an expert in a particular area, don’t hesitate to collaborate with other influencers and share their content with your audience, always giving due credit.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to assist, inspire and engage with your followers.

11. Promote your account on other social platforms.

When you’re working to grow your Instagram account, don’t limit yourself to just that one platform.

Instead, leverage on the power of other social media platforms as part of your overall strategy.

Publicizing your Instagram account on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, or TikTok, can multiply your reach and introduce your profile to audiences you might not yet have touched.

You can cross-promote by sharing your Instagram posts on these platforms, adding a link to your Instagram account in your bio section, or even occasionally tweeting or posting about your Instagram account.

In your posts on other platforms, drive interest by giving a teaser of the home decor content you share on Instagram or mentioning the unique features like contests or DIY tips you offer there.

For instance, if you’ve posted a before-and-after transformation on Instagram, you could share the before photo on Twitter with a caption that invites followers to see the impressive after photo on your Instagram page.

An integrated social media approach boosts your online visibility and creates multiple routes for potential followers to discover your Instagram account.

“An integrated social media approach boosts your online visibility and creates multiple routes for potential followers to discover your Instagram account.”

The key is to adjust your approach to each platform’s specific audience and format.

For instance, a professional LinkedIn post would look different from a fun and casual Snapchat message, but both can be effective in directing people to your Instagram account.

Keep in mind that your goal is to not only direct your followers on these sites to your Instagram, but also to encourage them to share your content within their circles on these platforms.

Emphasizing the exclusivity of certain content to your Instagram platform in these cross-platform promotions can also entice potential followers to your Instagram profile.

In the case of platforms that allow for longer-form content like blogs or YouTube, you could provide a deeper dive into topics that your Instagram posts touch on, then direct readers or viewers to your Instagram for more visual and bite-sized content.

Speaking of YouTube, video content has proven to be highly engaging, and linking it to your Instagram account can be beneficial.

The video embedded here provides practical guidance on utilizing Instagram for your small business effectively.

You’ll find valuable tips and strategies that can potentially help boost your Instagram outreach for your home decor account.

In conclusion, by effectively promoting your Instagram account on other platforms, you could tap into large reservoirs of potential followers and broaden your home decor profile’s reach substantially.

However, this cross-promotion should be handled carefully to ensure it feels organic and respectful to the audience on each platform, aligns with that platform’s norms and conventions, and comes across as a genuine attempt to offer additional value and not just a sales pitch.

12. Track Your Analytics to Understand Your Audience

The growth and success of your home decor Instagram account can be greatly influenced by your understanding of your audience, and this is where analytics become vital.

Instagram provides a plethora of useful data through its native analytics tool, Instagram Insights.

By regularly tracking and studying your Instagram analytics, you can gather insightful information about your followers such as their demographics, top locations, and times they’re most active.

Understanding who constitutes your audience and their browsing behaviour can guide your content strategy and posting schedule.

Beyond merely tracking engagement on individual posts, analytics help understand trends over time, enabling a big picture view of the account’s progress.

It’s crucial to regularly monitor the engagement metrics, reach, and impressions your posts receive.

Looking at these metrics helps you identify what content is more favoured by your audience.

The successful elements from these posts can then be incorporated in future content to boost engagement and growth.

Apart from post metrics, analytics can also offer insight into the performance of Instagram stories.

Metrics such as forward taps, backward taps, drop-offs can be very revealing about your story content and design, telling you what’s working and what isn’t.

Moreover, tracking analytics does not end with your content; it also includes tracking your growth metrics.

Monitoring follower growth, website clicks, profile views, and more are equally crucial.

It helps assess your overall Instagram strategy.

Furthermore, it’s also recommended to monitor your Instagram advertising performance through analytics.

The advertisements on Instagram are an excellent way to reach a larger audience, but it’s important to evaluate their effectiveness and ROI.

Metrics such as cost per result, reach, impressions, click-through rate can be telling of your ad campaign’s success.

In addition to Instagram Insights, there are also third-party analytic tools available that provide even more detailed analytics.

These tools can measure the performance of specific keywords, hashtags, mentions and also provide sentiment analysis.

Remember that just collecting data is not enough.

Actively use the data-driven insights for decision making and adjusting your Instagram strategy.

Overall, regularly tracking analytics allows you to stay informed about your account’s performance and make informed decisions.

It’s part art, part science to leverage this data but, it is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of growing your home decor Instagram account successfully.

Ultimately, your Instagram analytics represent your audience’s preferences and their interaction with your content.

Thus, it can be said with certainty that the better you understand your Instagram analytics, the better you can cater to your audience and foster growth.

Always strive to put the data to work.

Analyze the findings, identify trends and patterns, and brainstorm actionable steps accordingly.

Every number in your analytics dashboard tells a story, and it’s your job as a content creator to interpret it effectively and make the best out of it.

The Bottom Line

Advancing your home decor Instagram account demands a multifaceted strategy.

By incorporating high-quality visuals, posting frequently during peak hours, and actively engaging with your audience, you can nurture better relationships and ensure your posts are seen by a larger crowd.

Employing popular, relevant hashtags can increase visibility, while running giveaways and partnering with influencers offer additional strategies to garner attention.

A visually compelling narration of transformations, showcasing user-generated content, and creating engaging, branded stories also play a pivotal role.

Supplement these tactics with valuable home decor tips, cross-promotion on other social platforms and tracking analytics to continuously adapt and improve your strategy.

Armed with these steps, your account has the potential to reach new heights of growth and popularity.

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