15 Tips On How to Conduct an Effective Instagram Takeover (2023)

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Social media’s rise to prominence has significantly changed the way businesses interact with their target audience.

Instagram, in particular, has proven to be a robust platform for promoting engagement, building brand awareness, and boosting conversions.

Streamlining this process requires creativity, strategy, and a willingness to exploit every available opportunity – a formula that invariably leads to an Instagram takeover.

Despite its surge in popularity, many businesses struggle to seamlessly execute this marketing tactic.

With this in mind, we have gathered insightful information and helpful guides to assist you in leveraging the benefits of this method.

Let’s delve into the world of Instagram marketing and discuss the steps that guarantee an effective takeover.

Tips On How To Conduct An Effective Instagram Takeover

1. Select an appropriate takeover guest.

The first step in conducting an effective Instagram takeover is to select an appropriate guest.

This is of utmost importance because the success of your takeover heavily depends on the influence and relationship the guest has with your audience.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a guest who not only understands your brand but also has a significant social media presence and interaction.

The chosen guest should also have a considerable number of followers to increase the exposure and visibility of your Instagram takeover.

An appropriate guest is not only one with a large audience but also with high engagement level and influence within your industry.

Having such a guest will ensure that your content reaches a wider audience and also engages them.

This will in turn lead to an increase in brand awareness and visibility.

It is also important to select a guest that aligns with your brand’s value and mission.

This creates a consistent brand message and enhances brand integrity.

Aside from a large and engaged following, the guest should also possess a good reputation within the industry.

Any form of controversy or misalignment from the guest’s side can have a direct impact on your brand image.

Communication skills of the guest is also another important factor to consider.

An ideal guest should be able to communicate effectively with the audience, ensuring that the purpose of the takeover is achieved.

Creativity and innovation should also be factors to consider when selecting the takeover guest.

A guest who can come up with fresh and engaging content can help stand out in the competitive social media space.

Finally, ensure that you do your research about the potential guest.

Engage with their content, understand their style, message, and the type of community they have built.

In the embedded video, you will watch the great significance of having an effective social media strategy.

It offers quintessential tips and strategies on how to dominate the social media platform.

By viewing this, your understanding of selecting the appropriate Instagram takeover guest would be broadened, ultimately leading to a more successful Instagram takeover.

Recall, selecting the right guest is a fundamental step in conducting a successful Instagram takeover.

It not only sets the pace but also significantly affects the effectiveness of your takeover.

2. Define Takeover’s Purpose

The purpose of an Instagram takeover is one of the key aspects you should define before you even pick a guest for the takeover.

You need to understand what you hope to achieve with the exercise.

Is it to increase your followers?

Or get more engagement on the platform?

Perhaps you want to promote a specific product or mission?

The purpose of the takeover will navigate the course of action.

Identifying the purpose will dictate the sort of guest you need to select for the takeover.

When the goal is to promote a product, it would be more suitable to invite a guest who’s an expert or has some relevance to the product.

This leverages the guest’s credibility and audience that already have an interest in the product.

When aiming to increase followers, it would be best to select a guest who has a large and active following.

Their followers could very likely switch over to your page, increasing your follower count.

Understanding the takeover purpose will also guide you in creating your goals.

The goals will be a direct reflection of what your takeover aims to achieve.

You’ll need specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that align with your takeover purpose.

For example, if your purpose is to increase engagement, your goals could involve a specific percentage increase in comments and likes.

Having a set purpose and according goals ensure that your takeover is successful and brings value to your Instagram page.

Moreover, the takeover’s purpose will guide you in the creation of content for the takeover.

The type of content shared will need to be relevant and valuable in assisting you to achieve your takeover purpose.

It could be live videos for a product showcase, for instance, or posts and stories featuring Q&A’s if the aim is to increase engagement.

From the wording to the images and captions – everything will be dictated by the purpose of your Instagram takeover.

Lastly, having a purpose for the takeover will help you assess the success of the takeover afterwards.

You’ll be able to examine whether your goals were achieved and if the takeover was indeed successful at fulfilling its purpose.

It will also help you to identify any learning points for subsequent takeovers.

3. Set Specific, Measurable Goals

The success of any Instagram takeover heavily relies on setting specific, measurable goals prior to kick-starting the takeover.

It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what you intend to achieve with the Instagram takeover.

This can range from brand awareness, increased product sales, or simply boosting your online presence.

Having a set of definite, measurable goals gives direction to your strategies and helps to keep track of your progress.

Moreover, these goals should allow you to make improvements, where necessary, to ensure the effective conduct of the Instagram takeover.

Keep in mind that the goals you establish should be SMART– Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Planning in line with this criterion sets a pathway for success, allowing you to align your strategies and actions to your pre-established goals.

Having a set of definite, measurable goals gives direction to your strategies and helps to keep track of your progress.

This key concept is beneficial as it ensures you don’t wander off track from your set goal and keeps your strategies aligned.

Remained focused on your goals can substantially improve the chances of your Instagram takeover’s success.

Additionally, these goals should be revisable so you can make essential modifications whenever needed.

You can learn more about setting effective goals for your social media marketing by watching this video:

It discusses in detail about setting precise, measurable social media marketing goals.

It would guide you on how to set your goals and effectively execute the strategies in your Instagram takeover.

Remember, the more time you invest in planning and setting your goals, the better you can target your audience and ensure the Instagram takeover’s effectiveness.

Tracking these goals also allows you to analyze your performance and calculate your return on investment.

Thus, always pay strong attention to identify realistic and measurable goals to drive your Instagram takeover towards success.

4. Develop Takeover Timeline

The development of a thorough and effective timeline plays a crucial role in the success of an Instagram takeover.

A standardized and well-thought-out timeline not only increases the efficiency of the takeover but also ensures that all the tasks related to the takeover are completed within the set time frame.

Take into account the availability and convenience of your guest user while developing the takeover timeline.

Be sure to allot enough time for planning, promoting, executing, and evaluating the takeover.

Keep deadlines realistic and achievable; a rushed takeover will not provide the desired results, and an unattended one may lose audience interest.

Besides, it is essential to allow buffer time for unexpected contingencies and adaptability.

This buffer time can be used if there’s a delay in content creation or if any technical glitches occur, it ensures there’s not a sudden interruption in the takeover.

Additionally, it helps to keep things flexible and adaptable to the situation.

Keep the guest updated about the timeline; their inputs and suggestions can provide more insight and help in making the timeline more efficient.

Consideration of the audience’s peak activity time on Instagram should also reflect in your timeline.

More engagement can be expected if the takeover happens during these times.

You can use Instagram’s analytics tool to find out when your audience is most active.

In addition, the length of the takeover should be defined wisely.

You don’t want the takeover to be so short that the guest doesn’t have enough time to make an impact, but an overly long takeover might lose the audience’s interest.

A typical Instagram takeover can last anywhere from a few hours to a week depending on the purpose of the takeover.

It’s important to remember that while developing the takeover timeline, the focus should be on both the guest’s convenience and maximizing audience engagement.

A well-structured timeline not only ensures that things go smoothly during the takeover but also makes it easier to monitor progress and evaluate results.

Review the timeline multiple times to ensure its feasibility and that it aligns with the takeover’s purpose and goals.

Share the final timeline with everyone involved in the takeover.

This will make sure all parties are on the same page and understand their roles and responsibilities.

5. Share takeover details with guest

When planning for an Instagram takeover, it is essential to share all the relevant details with your takeover guest.

The more informed your guest is, the more prepared they can be to deliver an engaging performance.

Start by informing your guest about the purpose and goals of the takeover.

Clearly outline what is expected of them, including their posting schedule, the type of content they should create, and how many posts they should upload during the takeover.

This above information is not just for them to keep up with the plan, but it also allows them to prepare in advance and deliver their absolute best.

Importantly, point them to your brand guidelines.

This will help ensure that they are consistent with your brand’s image and do not inadvertently harm your brand’s reputation.

Also, sharing the target demographic information can aid them in tailoring their content to meet your audience’s preference.

Make sure they fully understand the scope and limits of the takeover.

Inform them of the type of interactions they should engage in with your audience, and importantly, the ones they should avoid.

The clearer your directions, the fewer mistakes will be made, and the more successful your Instagram takeover will be.

Remember, the idea is to have a seamless transition that enriches your account and engages your audience, not to bring about a personality that might cause discomfort to your followers.

Feel comfortable holding a detailed onboarding process to allow your guest to ask any questions they might have before the takeover can kick off.

In this video, you will glean some actionable tips on planning a successful social media takeover.

From coordinating with the guest to during and post-takeover strategies, this video touches upon vital aspects to ensure a successful Instagram takeover.

6. Provide brand guidelines to guest.

Creating and sharing brand guidelines is a pivotal step when organizing an Instagram takeover.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure consistency in the style and message of the posts the guest creates during their takeover.

In essence, brand guidelines serve as a roadmap for your guest, guiding them on how to accurately represent and reflect the brand during the takeover.

Brand guidelines typically include details on logo usage, color palette, typography and the overall aesthetics the guest should aim to maintain.

Beyond visuals, brand guidelines should also outline the tone of voice the guest should use when creating captions and interacting with the audience.

It’s equally important to include in the guidelines, specific topics and themes which are relevant and align with the brand’s image.

In preparing your guest for the takeover, it’s crucial to provide them with sample posts illustrating the preferred style and message the brand aims to convey.

These sample posts can greatly assist in offering the guest a clearer picture of the brand’s identity, especially if they are not deeply familiar with the brand’s style.

This not only helps maintain a consistent brand image but also aids in making the takeover more authentic and relatable to your audience.

Ensuring your guest feels well-equipped and confident to represent your brand should be of utmost importance as part of your preparations for the takeover.

Do bear in mind that while these guidelines should be detailed, they should not limit the creativity or authenticity the guest brings to the takeover.

Remember, the primary reason to have a guest takeover is to benefit from their unique perspective and influence, hence the guidelines should support but not stifle their creativity.

It is this balance between the guest’s creativity and adherence to the brand guidelines that will make your Instagram takeover a true success.

Ultimately, your brand guidelines should help the guest understand how to present and project the brand in a way that not only upholds its image but also attracts and engages audience interaction.

This, in turn, continues the brand’s narrative seamlessly, making the takeover a fruitful and engaging experience for both your brand and your audience.

Remember that while all these instructions and guidelines are important, it is the execution of all these strategies that truly impacts the success of the takeover.

7. Promote the Takeover in Advance

Once you have identified your host and set a date for your Instagram takeover, it is crucial to start the promotion far in advance.

This will give your followers ample time to block their calendars and look forward to the event.

Creating a series of count down posts leading to the takeover is another way to build anticipation and engagement.

This approach can be a part of your overall content creation strategy, ensuring consistent posts and interactions with your audience.

Apart from your regular Instagram posts, utilize the Instagram stories feature for promotion.

The casual, fun atmosphere of Stories can be a perfect place to share behind-the-scenes photos or teaser videos about your guest and the upcoming takeover.

Another effective way to promote your takeover is to ask your guest to do the same on his/her Instagram page.

This will cross-promote your takeover to a much larger audience, especially if your guest has a substantial following.

It is also beneficial to create a special graphic or visual to represent your Instagram takeover.

This could be a logo, an image featuring the guest, or text overlay on a relevant photo.

Remember to stay within your brand’s aesthetics and style guidelines while creating this visual.

One way to enhance the promotional aspect is to mention the takeover in your regular posts by embedding insinuations or teasers about the upcoming event.

It will add an element of excitement while exposing more people to the information.

Key communication, thorough audience engagement, and a strong promotional strategy are essential to maximize the reach of your takeover event.

However, such a plan requires careful thought and planning.

It is, therefore, a good idea to have a structured promotional schedule to keep track of each post or Story.

“Creating a series of count-down posts leading to the takeover is another way to build anticipation and engagement.”

This strategy not only maintains consistency in the pre-event promotion but also enables you to tweak your strategy based on audience reaction.

The regular updating of information helps to build momentum, thus heightening interest and anticipation among your audience.

It ensures that your audience remains engaged until the day of the takeover and beyond.

In conjunction with this strategy, consistent interaction with your audience, answering their queries, and acknowledging their comments and direct messages will give them a sense of participation and inclusivity.

However, remember that over-promotion can lead to audience fatigue, so it is essential to strike a balance.

Watching the embeded video can provide insightful strategies on how to hit the right notes while promoting events or products on social media.

It also offers guidance on how to hold your viewers’ attention and improve engagement rates.

8. Keep engagement high during the takeover

Keeping engagement high during an Instagram takeover is essential to its success and potential return on investment.

Creativity and originality are key during a takeover, as they stimulate interest and spark dialogue among followers.

The guest should be encouraged to share content that is both relevant to the brand and appealing to their own followers.

Proactive engagement in comments, likes, and shares can significantly enhance interaction levels.

Instigating and maintaining conversations with followers can also boost visibility and reach.

Leveraging Instagram Stories, live videos, and other features can contribute greatly to higher engagement levels.

It’s important to remember that engagement is a two-way street; the more you interact with users, the more they’re likely to engage with your content.

In agreement with the quote, direct audience interaction can be as simple as responding to comments or asking questions.

This stimulates user interaction, gives them a sense of connection to the brand, and encourages further participation.

Combining the brand’s followers with that of the guest’s can also lead to a higher level of engagement and following.

In this strategy, the brand benefits from the guest’s influence and the guest benefits from the brand’s established follower base, creating a win-win situation.

Regular posts at optimal times can help keep the buzz going and ensure maximum visibility.

However, frequency shouldn’t compromise the quality of the content as poor content can lead to a drop in engagement.

Incorporating contests or giveaways are proven tactics to increase follower participation.

Such strategies give the audience an incentive to engage, boosting overall interaction.

Lastly, keeping the brand’s tone in mind while designing posts also contributes to making the takeover a successful and engaging affair.

It’s a balancing act; keeping a steady flow of quality content that respects the brand’s guidelines and interests the viewers at the same time can surely excel engagement rates during a takeover.

9. Encourage guest to interact with audience

The success of an Instagram takeover largely hinges on the level of interaction between the takeover guest and the audience.

Engagement drives social media success and this is especially true during a takeover.

Hence, it is crucial to encourage your guest to actively engage with the audience.

One of the ways to facilitate this interaction is by planning a Q&A session during the takeover.

This way, the guest can answer questions from the audience while also offering personal insights, which adds a human touch to the brand’s image.

Another effective method to boost interaction is by asking the guest to encourage user-generated content.

This could involve asking the audience to share their own images related to a certain topic, then featuring these on your Instagram account.

It’s an excellent way to make followers feel valued and included.

Interactive Instagram stories are another fabulous way to drive engagement.

The guest can use the poll feature, quiz stickers, or even the countdown sticker for announcing any special events.

Instagram stories are also an ideal place for the guest to share behind-the-scenes content which could pique the interest of your audience.

Also, it’s crucial to remind the guest to respond to comments on their posts promptly.

Not only does this keep the conversation going, but it also helps in creating a personalized experience for the audience.

Remember, the more your guest interacts with your audience, the more they pave the way for a stronger connection between your brand and your followers.

So don’t shy away from guiding your guest on how best to engage with your followers.

It’s also a great idea to guide your guest to share their personal narratives and relate them to your brand’s beliefs and values.

The audience typically appreciates this honest and transparent approach, emphasizing that it’s the humans behind a brand that truly shape its identity.

Remember, the more your guest interacts with your audience, the more they pave the way for a stronger connection between your brand and your followers.

This impactful interaction can potentially translate into a long-term loyal following for your brand, extending far beyond the duration of the takeover.

After all, a takeover is not just about giving your guest a platform but also about building a meaningful connection with your audience by showcasing a new perspective on your brand.

Humour, when appropriately used, can foster interaction too.

If your guest has a knack for making people laugh, utilize that!

A comic relief moment can encourage users to comment, share, or even save the story/post – all of which can boost your brand visibility.

Bear in mind that encouraging guest-to-audience interplay is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and it’s essential to strategize based on your brand’s image, guest’s comfort level, and your audience’s expectations.

To further expand on this concept and provide even more useful strategies, you may find it beneficial to watch this video provided below:

By watching, you will find some unique and effective tactics on how to target your competitor’s audience on Instagram.

Also, you’ll learn the power of a well-orchestrated social media strategy and how to leverage it for maximum gain.

With these guidelines on encouraging guest-interactions, you are now one step closer to conducting a successful Instagram takeover.

10. Monitor the takeover closely.

One of the most crucial stages in conducting a successful Instagram takeover is closely monitoring the activities as they take place.

Without a proper watchful eye, your campaign could veer off course, which may not only confuse your audience, but could also affect your brand image adversely.

Ensuring the smooth and successful execution of the Instagram takeover demands constant vigilance and attention to detail.

Consider assigning a dedicated team or individual to oversee the takeover activities in real-time, such as comments, like, shares, new followers, and to deal with any unexpected issues that may arise.

With a dedicated person or team in place, you have an immediate response system.

They can identify and rectify issues promptly, maintaining the momentum of the takeover.

Furthermore, you’ll want to be actively present to track the engagement as it occurs during the takeover.

This real-time tracking helps keep the guest on track, ensures your audience is being well served, and also allows for instant changes and adjustments if necessary.

Monitoring the takeover also provides valuable insight into what type of content resonates with your audience.

For instance, if a particular post receives high levels of engagement, it would be worth considering more similar content in the future.

Additionally, monitoring gives you the chance to see firsthand how your audience interacts with your guest host, which can provide valuable insight into your audience’s preferences and behaviors.

While monitoring the takeover, pay attention to both positive and negative engagements.

Negative feedback can be equally valuable as they provide an opportunity to improve and make necessary corrections in your future strategies.

Remember to keep a backup plan ready in case things don’t proceed as expected.

Unexpected changes or hiccups are not uncommon in live events like takeovers.

Being prepared for such scenarios can save the day, keeping the takeover event running smoothly, even if problems occur.

This step of consistent and close monitoring, although labor-intensive, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your Instagram takeover and is, therefore, indispensable in conducting a successful event.

No matter how well you’ve planned and prepared for your takeover, it is ultimately the smooth execution that will determine whether it’s a hit or a miss.

So, take out the time to monitor the proceedings closely and ensure everything goes as planned.

11. Use relevant hashtags for visibility

When heading towards the world of Instagram takeovers, it’s essential to understand the power of relevant hashtags.

They are potent tools for visibility, ensuring your content reaches a broader audience.

Instagram Algorithms prioritise content with relevant hashtags, which shows the platform that your content is valuable and matches user interests.

Remember that relevance here is crucial to attract the right followers while also avoiding spammy behaviors.

However, there is a delicate balance to be found.

Too few hashtags might lessen your chances of being discovered, while too many may come across as ingenuine or desperate to gain attention.

The sweet spot falls somewhere between 5 to 10 hashtags per post.

Remember to use specific and niche hashtags, rather than popular and generic ones.

The competition for attention within popular hashtags is fierce, making it harder for your content to stand out.

For instance, a blogger taking over a fashion Instagram account can opt for hashtags like #StreetStyleInspiration or #AvantGardeFashion, rather than a basic #Fashion.

This targets interested and engaged communities.

Always experiment with different hashtags to find those that strongly resonate with your content and audience.

It involves trial and error until you find what works best for you.

Understanding the language of hashtags in your industry is essential.

In-depth knowledge about your particular field’s popular hashtags allows you to connect effectively with your audience.

You’ll be able to contribute genuinely to established communities and conversations.

This, in turn, can lead to increased engagement, visibility, and followers.

Although it may seem time-consuming, doing proper research will help you discover a gold mine of relevant and effective hashtags.

Also, consider creating a unique, memorable hashtag for your takeover event.

This not only allows you to track engagement and impact, but it also encourages attendees to share posts and stories using the hashtag, further increasing your visibility.

In this informative video, you’ll gain more insight into choosing and effectively utilizing hashtags on Instagram, a key factor in optimizing your Instagram takeover.

You can expect to learn about the latest trends and practices for hashtags, helping you in identifying the right tags that can make your post shine out in a crowd.

Above all, remember that hashtags are not just about gaining visibility, but about use meaningfully.

Always aim to add value to the conversation with your hashtags, rather than using them solely as self-promotion tools.

With careful planning and strategic usage, hashtags can play a significant role in the success of your Instagram takeover.

12. Cross-promote on multiple platforms

In today’s digital age, utilizing multiple social media platforms is crucial for effective promotional strategies, such as an Instagram takeover.

When planning your Instagram takeover, it’s essential not to limit your promotional efforts just to Instagram.

Consider running parallel promotions on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, or even your blog and email marketing channels.

By doing so, you would be informing a larger audience about the takeover, potentially gaining more prospects for your brand.

This cross-promotion helps you tap into different audience sets, increasing the chances to engage with a wider user base.

Remember, each platform has its unique style and audience demographic, necessitating a customized approach for each.

This means that the promotional content must be tailored accordingly for each platform, keeping the tone and style that resonates with the respective audience base.

For instance, a professional tone is more appropriate for LinkedIn, whereas a fun and entertaining style could work for TikTok.

It’s worthy to note that timing your promotions rightly on each platform can also aid the success of your takeover.

The analytical tools provided by today’s social platforms can help identify peak audience times, thus optimizing the reach and engagement of your promotional content.

Also, to have a seamless cross-promotion, ensure that the content is consistent across all platforms while maintaining the unique style for each.

Consistency creates a uniform brand image and earns credibility among users.

This positively impacts your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness, leading to potential conversion rates from the takeover.

Also, in this cross-promotional stage, don’t forget to include a call-to-action (CTA) in your promotional posts.

Directing users to your Instagram account or encouraging them to tune in for the upcoming takeover can boost the event’s visibility and engagement.

Finally, remember to leverage the guest’s followers on other platforms too.

Encourage your guest to share the takeover event details on their channels as it’s a great way to tap into a new, receptive audience.

By implementing a strong cross-promotional plan, you’ll be setting the stage for a successful and impactful Instagram takeover.

13. Document and Analyze Takeover Results

After your Instagram takeover event, one of the most crucial steps is to document and analyze the results.

Without this important part, it’s going to be challenging to determine the effectiveness of the takeover.

Start by documenting what happened during the takeover, including the number of posts, comments, likes, and shares generated.

Make sure to also record any changes in the number of followers during and shortly after the takeover.

This would give you a rough idea of how receptive your audience was to the intervention.

Also, it’s essential to keep track of the conversations and mentions around the event.

Understanding what the audience said about the takeover, and more importantly, how they felt about it can give you in-depth insights into its success.

These conversational data could hint at things that number-based metrics might miss.

If you’re having trouble with the technical side of analyzing social media metrics, watching this video might help.

It would teach you how to make sense of your social media metrics in a more simplified way.

Next, consider the effectiveness of the takeover in terms of the goals you set earlier.

If your objective was to increase brand awareness, for example, measuring the number of new followers could provide a clear idea of your success.

On the other hand, if your goal was to drive sales, analyzing the referral traffic to your site and the number of purchases made during and after the takeover is essential.

All these measures and metrics will help you form a comprehensive idea about the success of your Instagram takeover.

Comparing the results of the takeover with the numbers from your regular posts can also provide a valuable perspective.

In essence, understanding the change and the differences is key to evaluating the success of the takeover.

Endeavour to take note of every detail – no detail is too small when it comes to evaluating the success of your Instagram takeover.

Remember, the insights extracted from this analysis will guide your decisions for future events.

14. Engage post-takeover to retain audience.

The strategy to retain audience engagement doesn’t stop when the takeover ends, it goes far beyond.

Your job as a brand/manager is to capitalize on the increased visibility of your Instagram account and nurture the new followers post-takeover.

The key here is to keep your new followers guessing about what to expect next.

This sense of anticipation can be a huge driving force to keep the audience connected to your brand.

In fact, surprises keep the audience members on their toes and give them a reason to continue following your account for future interesting content.

Acknowledge the takeover event from your brand’s end once the takeover has ended can also be beneficial.

Expressing gratitude towards your guests and visitors who joined the takeover creates a positive sentiment among your followers.

Additionally, sharing some behind-the-scenes snippets or highlight reels from the takeover can be an effective way to retain the audience’s interest.

Your new followers would love to relive those interesting events and that could strengthen their bond with your brand.

Likewise, you can also create teaser posts or posts that reminisce about the takeover to keep reminding your audience of it.

Not only this ensures the continuity of conversation, but also makes the audience feel more connected to your brand.

You can also use this opportunity to continue the conversation by asking your followers about their feedback on the takeover .

The information can be incredibly useful to understand your audience’s preferences and expectations.

This understanding will help you cater to your audience in a much better way, ensuring their long-term association with your brand.

Additionally, you can use the feedback to refine future Instagram takeovers and make them more engaging and successful.

Another essential tip is to keep serving your audience high-quality content post the takeover, so the engagement rate doesn’t drop.

You might have gained new followers because of the takeover, but only consistent and engaging content will keep them hooked to your channel in the long run.

Above all, remember that maintaining engagement post-takeover requires constant efforts and strategic planning.

You need to keep monitoring the account, interact with the audience regularly, keep them entertained, and continually come up with creative ideas.

Doing so, will not only keep your existing followers intact but may also attract new followers.

15. Thank and Credit the Guest Appropriately

Once your Instagram Takeover is successfully completed, you should than your guest appropriately for their time, effort and contribution to your social media event.

A thoughtful, public thank you is a way to show your gratitude, acknowledge their contribution, and help to cement positive relationships for future collaborations.

This could be done through a special post in your Instagram feed or Instagram stories, which helps to publicly acknowledge and underscore their vital role in the takeover’s success.

Your ‘thank you’ should not merely be a formality, but a sincere acknowledgement of their effort, time, expertise, and contribution to your Instagram takeover.

Thanking the guest signals to your audience that you value collaboration and partnership, and that your brand appreciates the effort and time a takeover entails.

Another way to do this is by providing credit to your guest on the posts they shared during the takeover.

Mentioning your guest in the post description or using a credit line in the images/videos they created can also ensure that your guest is appropriately recognised for their contributions.

This can go a long way in boosting their profile and can also act as a tangible token of your appreciation.

Remember to provide this credit promptly after the takeover, as this can remind followers of the event and keep up the engagement.

Besides, crediting your guest might also encourage other influencers or companies to collaborate with you on future takeovers.

Aside from Instagram, you can also thank and credit your guest publicly on your other social media platforms, cross-promoting their contribution and amplifying the reach of your gratitude.

This multi-platform acknowledgement benefits you, your guest, and sets a precedent for future takeovers.

Lastly, consider sending a personal note or a gift to your guest as an additional token of appreciation, which can create a more personal and lasting bond.

In this video, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how measurements, reporting, and analysis of social media data can influence your strategy.

Understanding this can be especially helpful in identifying whether your Instagram takeover has succeeded and in planning for future endeavors.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the success of a social media takeover lies not only in choosing the right guest, but also in imparting clear takeover goals and guidelines.

These factors, combined with a well-planned timeline and promotional activities, will ensure maximum engagement and visibility.

Encouraging the guest to interact with the audience, along with vigilant monitoring can further enhance this engagement.

The usage of relevant hashtags and cross-promotion across various platforms aid in reaching a wider audience.

Evaluation of the takeover results can provide insights for future events while a proper post-takeover engagement strategy ensures audience retention.

Importantly, valuing and appropriately crediting the guest boosts the relationship for future collaborations, reiterating an understanding that social media takeovers are a comprehensive, collaborative endeavor.

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