25 Strategies For Building a Strong Instagram Brand Aesthetic

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The world of social media, specifically Instagram, is one that requires a careful, strategic approach.

Brands looking to make a genuine impact must prioritize the aesthetic appeal of their profiles.

It isn’t just about beautifully filtered photos or well-curated feeds anymore.

The brand aesthetic needs to resonate with potential customers, evoke emotions and evoke authentic associations.

The goal should be to create a coherent, recognizable brand image, ensuring user engagement and customer loyalty.

This article aims to deliver practical tips and strategies for achieving just that.

Strategies For Building A Strong Instagram Brand Aesthetic

1. Choose Palette in Line with Brand Identity

Selecting the right color palette is critical to building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic.

Your choice of colors should be consistent with your brand identity, as it is a powerful tool that gives a voice to your brand and helps you stand out from other similar brands.

Color psychology plays a vital part in shaping consumer perceptions and decisions.

Therefore, picking a color palette should not be an impulsive decision, you should give it a thoughtful consideration instead.

Your palette will largely contribute to the overall aesthetic of your Instagram profile, and will help present your brand in a visually appealing manner.

It aids in creating a great first impression and in influencing how your audience perceives your brand.

Picking a color palette is not just about selecting random colors that look good – it’s about choosing colors that convey your brand’s story, its personality, and its values.

A neutral color palette, for instance, may resonate with brands who project calm, peace and cleanliness, while a vibrant, multicolored palette may appeal to brands that want to emphasize diversity and creativity.

It’s advisable to choose up to three primary brand colors and a few complimentary ones which should be a combination of muted and bright colors, so as to have a balance.

Every color stands for a different message – blue signifies trust, red symbolizes excitement, green stands for peace, and so forth.

Hence, understand the emotions that the colors represent and then finalize your palette according to your brand ethos.

Remember, once you decide on a color palette, you need to keep using it consistently.

The goal is that eventually, people should start associating your chosen colors with your brand.

Also, the chosen palette should be used not just on Instagram, but should be consistent across all marketing channels – your website, product packaging, advertising and other social media platforms.

Additionally, keep in mind that different cultures perceive colors differently.

So, if your Instagram account has an international audience, ensure the colors you select do not offend or misrepresent in any other culture.

Moreover, always consider accessibility for people with visual impairments.

The colors you choose should be distinct, not just in hue but also in brightness and saturation, to ensure that they could be differentiated by these users.

And in the instance that you’re still in the process of deciding on brand colors, or if you wish to rebrand, seeking assistance from professionals or utilizing online tools and resources is a great way to go about it.

For more insight into how to choose the right brand colors, watch the embedded video.

In essence, the color palette you select for your Instagram account should be an extension of your brand.

It must be utilized rather strategically so as to help build a strong and consistent Instagram aesthetic, ultimately serving your brand’s goals.

2. Use Consistent Fonts

One fundamental aspect of building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic is the use of consistent fonts.

The choice of fonts on your Instagram content plays a significant role in shaping your brand’s voice, tone, and character.

Fonts elicit emotions and dictate mood – depending on the style, size, and color.

A sharp, bold font, for example, could evoke a sense of determination or professionalism, while a whimsical script might be associated with creativity and playfulness.

Using identical fonts across all your posts creates a recognizable pattern that trains your followers’ eyes to instantly associate those specific fonts with your brand.

The use of consistent fonts not only develops an aesthetically pleasing grid but also aids in creating a stronger brand identity.

Even more, the consistency in font usage contributes to the platform’s intuitiveness, as followers become accustomed to the spaces where they find certain types of information in your posts.

One must ensure that the chosen fonts reflect the identity and values of the brand.

A high-end luxury brand might opt for a sophisticated, elegant script or serif font, whilst a modern tech company might look better with a simple, minimalist sans-serif font.

As such, it’s also important to use fonts that are legible and clear, especially when viewed on smaller screens like smartphones.

Always remember that your font choices should be rooted in your overall brand strategy and can be powerful tools in capturing your audience’s attention and reinforcing your brand’s message.

Even if you are using custom-made fonts, it’s essential they blend seamlessly with the rest of the aesthetic and do not deviate too much from the overall design.

Using fonts consistently requires dedication and discipline but pays off by enhancing your brand aesthetic, strengthening brand recognition, and creating a loyal following on Instagram.

Despite the importance of consistency, it’s also worth noting that your chosen fonts are not set in stone.

You should feel free to experiment and evolve your font usage as your brand grows and as trends evolve, but it’s crucial to maintain a sense of uniformity across all your posts.

Ultimately, using consistent fonts is one of the most effective techniques to create an alluring Instagram aesthetic that resonates with your audience and enhances your brand image.

3. Apply The Same Filter Style

When it comes to building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic, using a uniform filter style plays an instrumental role.

The conscious use of consistent filters can result in a cohesive look for your feed, thereby positively strengthening your brand identity.

In terms of visual content, Instagram indeed offers a wide variety of filter options.

However, avoiding the temptation of using a variety of filters for different posts and sticking to one consistent filter style can yield better results.

Our eyes naturally appreciate visual consistency and using the same filter for your photos can gratify this inherent preference, thereby making your content more appealing to your followers.

Consequently, increasing your engagement with followers and potential customers.

Creating uniformity and predictability in your content aids your followers in easily recognizing your brand, thereby enhancing brand recall.

This is a subtle yet effective way to boost your brand recognition on Instagram.

However, it’s crucial to pick a filter style that aligns with your brand’s personality, values, and message.

Choosing a filter just because it’s popular or trendy might not necessarily resonate with your brand, as consistency in appropriateness is as important as visual consistency.

This requires a certain understanding of your brand’s identity and core values which could be enhanced by understanding the Instagram algorithm.

Understanding how the Instagram algorithm works can empower you to create a stronger and more focused Instagram presence.

Remember, the goal is to use Instagram filters to enhance your images, not to distort them beyond recognition.

Too much reliance on filters might make your content seem unauthentic or ingenuine, which could potentially create distrust among your followers.

Lastly, it’s equally important to experiment and evolve your filter choices until you discover what works best for your brand’s aesthetic.

Despite the importance of consistency, do not be afraid to make small tweaks and adjustments to keep your content exciting, fresh, and in line with your brand’s evolving identity.

4. Showcase Your Product/Service Authentically

The path to successful branding on Instagram heavily hinges on your ability to showcase your products or services in a genuine, and truthful manner.

Nowadays, audiences have an uncanny ability to detect forced advertising or exaggerated claims about a product, which often leads to a loss of trust in the brand.

Your focus should be on presenting your products or services as they truly are and highlighting the value they provide.

Authentic representation builds trust and credibility with your audience, and in the long term, permits the establishment of loyal customer relationships.

Product demonstrations, tutorials, and real-life use cases are valuable approaches to showcase your brand truthfully.

These strategies not only spotlight the product’s features but also help your audience visualize how they might incorporate your products or services into their lives.

Remember, it is essential to maintain consistent visual aesthetics and content style while showcasing your product or service.

Authentic representation of your brand is the key to building trust and credibility with your audience.

User-generated content can also work wonders for your brand’s authenticity.

When satisfied customers share their positive experiences with your product, it adds an extra layer of credibility and relatability.

Also, consider showcasing behind-the-scenes footage or sneak peeks of your product manufacturing process or service procedures.

This not only provides a fresh perspective but also improves audience engagement by making followers feel like they are part of your brand’s story.

In addition, it is important to be transparent about any partnerships or sponsorships with influencers or other brands.

Transparency helps maintain the authenticity of your brand and keeps your followers from feeling deceived.

Finally, keep an open line of communication with your followers.

Beneficial feedback and constructive criticism from your audience can guide you in the right direction to improve your service or product authenticity.

By showcasing your product or service authentically, you are more likely to build a positive brand image and inspire trust and loyalty among your followers.

5. Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule

To build a strong Instagram brand aesthetic, maintaining a consistent posting schedule is crucial.

This doesn’t simply mean posting every day, but instead, it refers to maintaining a steady frequency of posts.

Your followers should know when to expect new content from you.

Consistency in your posting schedule can actually boost your visibility on Instagram.

This is because Instagram’s algorithm favours accounts that post regularly.

So, the more often you post, the more likely your posts will be seen by your followers.

A consistent posting schedule also helps retain existing followers while attracting new ones.

When people see that you post quality content regularly, they are more likely to follow your account and engage with your posts.

However, maintaining a consistent posting frequency can sometimes be challenging due to time constraints, other priorities, or a lack of content.

This is when content scheduling tools come in handy.

These tools allow you to schedule posts in advance, ensuring that you always have content ready to be posted.

Using a content scheduling tool can be a game changer in maintaining a consistent posting schedule on Instagram, helping you deliver consistent, quality content.

It’s also worth noting that the times when you post also matter.

According to several studies, the best times to post on Instagram are during the hours when your followers are most active.

This varies depending on your audience, their time zone, and their typical daily routines.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to when you should post, but Instagram’s own analytics tool, Instagram Insights, can provide data about your followers’ active hours.

This information can help you determine the optimal posting times.

Finding a balance between quantity and quality is also important.

While you need to post often to stay relevant, the quality of your content should never be compromised for the sake of posting more frequently.

Always aim to deliver valuable, appealing content to your audience.

Also, experiment with different types of posts.

Mix up your content with photos, videos, interactive polls, and stories.

This variety not only makes your feed more interesting, but it also gives you opportunities to engage with your audience in different ways.

Remember, the key new thing here is consistency.

It’s better to post fewer times per week but do it regularly, rather than to post multiple times one week and then disappear the next.

Consistency lets your followers know that they can count on you to provide them with regular, quality content.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment, adapt, and evolve.

Analyze your posts’ performance regularly, see what works and what doesn’t, then adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

This way, you will be able to figure out a posting schedule that is best for your brand.

Mastering the art of maintaining a consistent posting schedule takes time and effort, but the payoff in terms of increased follower engagement and brand visibility is well worth it.

For a demonstration on creating consistent content, you may find the following resource useful:

6. Mix visuals: photos, quotes, graphics.

In building a robust Instagram brand aesthetic, combining different types of visuals – photos, quotes, and graphics – can be a rewarding strategy.

Instagram, being a visual platform, thrives on the variety and quality of images displayed.

Feasibly, incorporating vibrant photos that align with your brand’s theme and color palette can help to achieve a harmonious feed.

This visual blend also serves to retain the attention of your followers while depicting the versatility of your brand.

Moreover, sharing profound quotes that resonate with your brand’s identity aids in connecting emotionally with your audience.

Quotes can stand alone as graphics, or be fully integrated into images, but they always create an opportunity for increased engagement through likes, shares or comments.

Equally important are infographics or branded graphics.

These are essential for communicating information concisely and appealingly, thereby enhancing the value provided to your followers.

Your graphics should effectively represent and reinforce your brand despite the kind of visual content you’re creating.

In your graphics, you should use colors that match your brand, and the typography should be consistent with your brand identity to maintain a cohesive aesthetic.

Regardless of the type of visual content being published, it’s crucial to remain consistent with your filter selections and editing style.

This aids in crafting a visually cohesive Instagram feed that followers can easily recognize.

Remember that brand consistency is key, but a mixture of visuals can ensure that your feed is dynamic and engaging.

Each post’s visual style should also be carefully considered within the broader aesthetic of your Instagram feed, ensuring that all visuals work together to create a consistent and captivating page.

The aim here is not just to consider each individual post, but to think about how it interacts visually with other posts to create a cohesive whole.

Overall, a well-curated mix of photos, quotes, and graphics not only enhances your Instagram aesthetic but also showcases your brand’s unique personality and values.

7. Use Your Logo Tactically

When it comes to building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic, logo use is vital.

Your logo is the face of your brand, and using it correctly can help to consolidate your brand image.

However, using it tactically goes far beyond simply slapping it on every image.

Rather, it’s about thoughtful incorporation into your content stream.

One of the key strategies in using your logo tactically is to ensure it’s used in a manner that enhances and not overshadow the content you share.

The logo should feel like a natural part of the image, blending in seamlessly while still being noticeably present.

Consider using your logo subtly in images, or alternatively, using it starkly in content that’s designed to be purely promotional.

Each time you use your logo, it should reinforce your brand identity and contribute to the overall aesthetic and feel you’re striving for.

Bear in mind, using a logo too frequently might lead to visual fatigue among your audience, diluting its impact.

It’s a delicate balance, but finding that sweet spot is a surefire way to bolster your Instagram brand aesthetic.

Creatively and consistently incorporating your logo can help to build a stronger, more unified brand voice and aesthetic—leading to greater recognition and engagement rates.

You could explore different ways of incorporating your logo, such as through subtle watermarks, end credits in video content, or as a consistent item in a signature color or style.

While your logo might seem like a small detail, it’s a powerful tool in building a memorable and cohesive Instagram brand aesthetic.

Remember to take a balanced approach and be conscious of over saturation.

You may find our video interesting, it covers several factors for making professional and consistent social media content.

Thoughtful and strategic use of your logo can significantly contribute to the overall effectiveness and success of your Instagram marketing efforts.

8. Post Behind-The-Scenes Content

Building an effective Instagram brand aesthetic involves more than just polished, professional photos.

Demonstrating the human side of your brand also plays a crucial role in creating a compelling brand narrative.

Behind-the-scenes content provides a unique opportunity to show followers what happens backstage, giving them a glimpse of the hard work that goes into making your products or providing your services.

Behind-the-scenes content helps build trust and authenticity, by showing the real, raw, unedited side of your business.

Posting such content can be as simple as sharing photographs of your team members going about their daily tasks or showcasing the procedures involved in crafting your goods or offering your services.

This type of content encourages a connection with your audience, fostering a sense of trust and transparency that polished, product-focused photos often can’t achieve.

When executed correctly, sharing photographs and videos that capture the culture of your company can communicate your brand’s values, mission, and vision more effectively than any product photo can.

By giving followers a peek behind the curtain, you allow them to feel like part of your brand’s story, which can ultimately increase commitment and loyalty.

Bear in mind, this isn’t about sharing every aspect of your business operations — it’s about giving your audience a taste of what goes on behind the scenes in a way that still aligns with your brand aesthetic.

Perhaps you could share a sneak peek of a new product being developed, a day in the life of a team member, or the process involved in your customer service operations.

The more your followers feel involved and invested in your brand, the more likely they are to become loyal customers and advocates for your business.

Remember, these behind-the-scenes peeks should still match the overall aesthetic of your Instagram feed to ensure a coherent and consistent brand image.

Maintaining your brand style across all content – including behind-the-scenes posts – is vital in shaping how your audience perceives your brand and values.

As you try this strategy, don’t forget to experiment and assess how your audience responds so you can tweak and adjust your approach as needed.

Remember, authenticity is key when leveraging behind-the-scenes content to create a robust Instagram brand aesthetic.

Each behind-the-scenes post you share is an opportunity to connect more deeply with your audience, creating an emotional connection that can lead to long-term brand loyalty.

9. Showcase Your Company Values

One integral aspect of building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic is showcasing your company values.

Your company values serve as the guiding principles that shape your brand’s culture, and they should be consistently visible throughout your Instagram content.

Genuine companies are honest about their beliefs and values.

When your audience sees this, they not only trust your company but become loyal followers and, eventually, customers.

They relate to your values and see an extension of these values in themselves.

Company values are what sets you apart from other brands and what attracts your specific target audience to your brand and not others.

They are your brand’s identity and should be at the forefront of your content.

Showcasing your company values on Instagram is a strategic move that helps form a tight-knit community around your brand.

Some ways to showcase your values could involve taking your followers behind the scenes of your company’s operations, demonstrating your commitment to a particular cause, or posting content that reflects your company’s ethos.

Let’s say, for example, one of your values is sustainability.

You could showcase this by continually highlighting your environmentally-friendly practices, materials, or partnerships.

When potential followers see that you share similar values, they are more likely to follow and engage with your brand.

This loyalty creates a strong community around your brand, which in turn helps your brand to grow and retain a strong position within your industry.

Every opportunity you have to showcase your company values on Instagram should be seized.

This approach will significantly help solidify your brand’s identity and make you more memorable to your audience.

If you need more insights on how to effectively showcase your company values on Instagram, this video is worth your time:

Remember that your company’s values should translate into all aspects of your company, from your team to your products, your customer service, and even your Instagram aesthetic.

The more consistent you can be about showcasing your values on Instagram, the stronger your brand image will become.

Your Instagram aesthetic is a visual communication tool and using it to showcase your values can create a significant impact.

It’s a unique way to ensure your brand identity and values are synchronized in everything you post.

Moreover, showcasing your values can also set certain expectations for your customers.

If, for example, your company values top-tier customer service, you can visually display this through posts thanking your customers, answering their queries promptly, and always putting your customers first.

So, as a brand on Instagram, always remember that showcasing your company values is an excellent strategy for running an authentic, value-driven, and successful business.

Showcasing your company values effectively on Instagram will likely lead to more engagement, more followers, more customers, and ultimately, a stronger brand aesthetic.

10. Use Consistent Brand Voice

One of the crucial strategies for building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic is the consistent use of brand voice.

Creating a distinctive and recognizable brand voice is vital for brand consistency.

Your brand voice significantly contributes to how your audience perceives you and how you differentiate yourself from competitors.

It delivers your brand’s personality and core values, making your posts more relatable and appealing to your audience.

Consistent brand voice does not merely mean having the same person to write all your captions or posts, it goes much deeper.

Your brand voice should resonate with your target audience and effectively communicate your brand’s message.

It might be formal, casual, humorous, or informative, depending on your brand’s identity and the message you want to convey.

Note that your brand voice should align with your overall brand aesthetic, including your visuals.

You need to figure out what kind of language, style, and tone to use and make sure you apply them uniformly across all your posts.

Importantly, take the time to develop a brand voice guide that defines your voice’s specific elements.

This could include your brand’s character, tone, language, and purpose, in a way that reflects your brand’s personality.

However, while consistency is essential, it does not mean that your brand voice should remain stagnant.

It should be dynamic enough to evolve with your brand and your audience’s changing needs and preferences.

Therefore, make sure you regularly evaluate your brand voice and make necessary adjustments to keep it up to date and effective.

Finally, remember that your consistent brand voice across all forms of communication, not only on Instagram, but also on your other digital platforms, will help your audience identify with your brand more effectively.

Thus, it may assist in cultivating a strong brand loyalty and encouraging audience engagement, ultimately strengthening your overall brand aesthetic.

11. User-Generated Content for Authenticity

As we dive deeper into the strategies for crafting a compelling Instagram brand aesthetic, a technique not to be overlooked is the use of user-generated content (UGC).

This refers to any form of content, such as images, videos, text, and audio, that have been posted by users on online platforms such as social networks.

User-generated content is a powerful tool as it leverages the power of the crowd to create and share content about your brand.

People are more likely to trust content that comes from their peers rather than brands directly, making it an effective way to build authenticity and trust among your Instagram following.

This can boost your brand visibility, engagement, and ultimately, sales.

Implementing a strategy that incorporates user-generated content can weave a sense of authenticity into your brand aesthetic, fostering a more personal connection with your audience on Instagram.

This could be as simple as encouraging your users to share photos of them using your products and then reposting these on your brand’s Instagram page.

Alternatively, you could run contests or campaigns that encourage users to create content for a chance to be featured on your page.

Whether you’re showcasing customer testimonials, sharing customer’s photos, or promoting customer-created product videos, user-generated content should be an integral part of your Instagram aesthetic strategy.

And remember, while having a strong brand aesthetic is important, authenticity and relatability play a huge role in creating and maintaining a loyal Instagram following.

To learn more about the power of user-generated content and how you can leverage it to create an authentic Instagram brand aesthetic, watch the following video:

By inserting user-generated content into your overall Instagram aesthetic, you can create a community around your brand, deepening your connection with your audience, and driving better engagement and results on Instagram.

This kind of brand-customer interaction can make your audience feel like they are part of your brand’s story, fostering brand loyalty.

With a carefully crafted user-generated content strategy, the possibilities are endless in boosting your brand’s authenticity and aesthetic appeal.

Following this strategy will not only aid in building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic, but also in creating a stronger connection with your audience, who are the lifeblood of your brand.

12. Use Professional Photography

Within the realm of Instagram aesthetics, the importance of professional photography cannot be overstated.

When attempting to project a strong brand image, the quality of your visuals becomes critically important.

Professional photos provide a crisp, clean, and high-quality aesthetic that aligns with your desired brand image.

In fact, high-quality professional photos can dramatically enhance the perception of your company, showcasing it as reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated to quality.

Professional photography provides the luxury of control over the various elements of your photos, including lighting, composition, subject, and color palette.

With such control, you can intentionally create images that not only showcase your products or services but also embody your brand’s aesthetics.

Through professional photography, you have the ability to create unique, captivating images that powerfully convey your brand’s message.

This level of specificity and attention to detail is what sets professional photography apart from basic snapshot photography.

While it may be tempting to simply click pictures using your smartphone, the subtle differences offered by professional photography can create a marked difference in the overall aesthetic of your Instagram page.

Acquiring professional photography services needn’t always be an expensive venture.

There are many emerging photographers and photography students who offer high-quality services at a significant discount for the opportunity to build their portfolio.

Alternatively, investing in a good quality camera and some photography lessons could also be an option, turning this necessity into an in-house capability.

The bottom line is: If you are serious about constructing a powerful Instagram brand aesthetic, investing in professional photography is a must.

By elevating your brand’s visuals through professional photography, you stand out in a crowded market, capturing the attention of the audience.

In conjunction with the other strategies listed, professional photography can significantly contribute to establishing a strong brand aesthetic that deeply resonates with your audience.

The potential return on investment for this aspect of your aesthetic strategy is significant.

Remember, the end goal is not just to attract followers, but to convert those followers into loyal customers.

13. Highlight Customer Testimonials

In order to build a strong brand aesthetic on Instagram, one of the essential strategies is to highlight customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials serve as a powerful marketing tool that can significantly enhance your brand’s credibility and authenticity.

They offer real-life experiences and opinions related to your products or services, offering potential customers a sense of reliability.

Customer testimonials also show how your product or service has helped or benefited them, often encouraging others to choose your brand over competitors.

Moreover, integrating customer testimonials into your aesthetic can serve as a convincing proof of your product or service quality, acting as a strong influencer for consumers’ decision making.

Displaying testimonials does not only mean outright endorsements.

Some branding experts advise subtler ways, such as integrating their reviews into the overall design of your Instagram feed.

The format is also essential when showcasing testimonials.

You can use graphics, photos, or videos, which are exceptionally effective at stimulating emotional responses in viewers.

Videos are incredibly effective for providing a personalized customer experience.

You can seamlessly blend video testimonials into your Instagram feed by sticking to your specific color palette and maintaining consistent branding throughout.

Regardless of the method used, it’s crucial to ensure that the presentation aligns with your overall brand aesthetic.

If you happen to have a hand-drawn logo, for instance, consider creating hand-drawn frames for your testimonials to keep the design cohesive.

And remember to always ask for permission before posting any customer content, maintaining respect and trust among your community.

By consistently integrating user testimonials into your Instagram aesthetic, you can significantly improve your brand’s credibility and establish a strong connection with your audience.

Testimonials offer a unique level of authenticity that only satisfied customers can present, making them a strategic asset in building your Instagram brand aesthetic.

14. Stick to Your Niche Topics

Building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic stretches beyond visual coherence, it also involves content relevance.

Therefore, having a clear understanding of your niche topics is paramount.

Your Instagram content should revolve around your core niche, which essentially is the main subject matter that defines your brand.

Serving content within the scope of your niche confirms to your followers that you know your field and adds value to them in that specific domain.

By sticking to your niche topics, you can progressively and consistently inform and engage your audience.

Your posts won’t derail into unrelated topics but rather, maintain your followers’ interest as they align with their anticipated content from you.

There are chances where you might be tempted to deviate from your niche, especially when witness trending topics outside of your realm.

However, remember that you have followers who appreciate your specific content because it resonates with their needs or interests.

Consistency in your theme not only establishes and solidifies your online reputation but also enhances your followers’ trust in your brand.

Your Instagram content should not only be constant in terms of quality, but also the nature of the content.

That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t provide different types of content within your niche, such as educational posts, entertaining content, inspiring quotes, among others.

In fact, varying your content type keeps your feed fresh and more engaging for your audience.

Equally, stick to a limited number of categories related to your niche to prevent your brand from appearing scattered and creating confusion for your audience.

In essence, maintaining niche topics on your Instagram feed is crucial for building a robust brand aesthetic.

Both as a means of visually distinguishing your brand and offering value to your followers within a familiar content scope.

So, as you strive for a unique brand aesthetic, don’t overlook the potency of establishing a focused content niche.

15. Showcase Team and Workplace

The human side of your brand can greatly impact public perception, engagement, and loyalty, which is why showcasing your team and workplace is a viable strategy for building your Instagram brand aesthetic.

People tend to connect more deeply with brands that show a human face as opposed to those that seem too corporate or impersonal.

Thus, displaying your team’s unique personalities, values, and talents can bridge the gap between your business and your audience, facilitating stronger connections and fostering brand loyalty.

Another advantage of this strategy is that it demystifies the production process and can create a personal connection.

Sharing photos of your team, work environment, office day, special occasions, and meetings can help users to see the human effort and dedication that goes into producing your products or delivering your service.

Showing behind-the-scenes activities, from brainstorming sessions to team-building activities, can also make your audience feel like part of your company’s journey.

Another approach is to highlight team achievements.

This can show prospects and customers that your company values its employees, and it can also signal to potential employees that your company is a good place to work.

Furthermore, showcasing your workplace can also help emphasize your brand’s ethos.

For instance, if you pride your brand on its eco-friendliness, a series of posts emphasizing your green workspace can reinforce this idea.

Keep in mind that the overall aesthetic should still be aligned with your brand’s visual strategy.

Paras from lighting to color scheme can be adjusted to ensure every image resonates with your brand identity.

You can effectively achieve this by incorporating your brand colors, using consistent filters and photo styles, and tailoring your captions to maintain a consistent tone.

Authenticity is crucial when showcasing your team and workplace.

Ensure your posts reflect your true company culture, as artificial or exaggerated portrayals can backfire.

Fans will appreciate the openness and transparency, and they will feel much more connected and loyal to your brand.

This approach can greatly enhance your Instagram aesthetic while representing your brand in a true, engaging way.

As your Instagram aesthetic evolves, remember to revisit and revise your approach to showcasing your team and workplace.

Make sure that it continues to deliver engaging visual content that aligns with your brand’s aesthetic, personality, and values.

16. Share Your Brand Story

Within the many strategies for building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic, none may be as crucial as telling your brand’s unique story.

Statistics have repeatedly demonstrated the extraordinary effectiveness of narratives in marketing, especially in an age of information overload and ever-decreasing attention spans.

Giving your audience a glimpse into your brand’s past, your values, challenges, triumphs, and your journey will help foster a deep level of connection.

It makes your brand feel less like a faceless entity and more like a compelling, relatable character in its own right.

When a customer feels emotionally connected to a brand, they’re much more likely to stay loyal and engaged.

Your story can dictate the aesthetic you opt for, influencing color choices, fonts, filters, and every image you post.

It can also guide the kind of content you curate and share.

Consider how you can use a photo to tell a story; perhaps it’s a throwback to the first ever product you made, or a snapshot of the moment you opened your first store.

More than just a timeline of events, your brand story should communicate your why; why you do what you do, why you’re in this exact industry, why you’ve made certain choices, and why consumers should choose you.

Instagram provides multiple platforms to tell this story; in your posts, your captions, your Instagram Stories, IGTV, and even live streams.

Don’t be scared of being vulnerable and opening up about your brand’s journey and values.

This not only makes your brand more relatable and authentic but it also creates a more engaging Instagram aesthetic.

Remember to weave your story naturally into your content, rather than forcing it.

Think about the messages that underpin every image you post, every caption you write, and every interaction you have with your followers.

Throughout it all, keep that brand story front and center.

17. Curate Content to Match Aesthetic

Your chosen aesthetic should not only reflect your brand identity but it should also establish a consistent visual theme for your Instagram profile.

This theme can be anything from a certain color scheme, a particular lighting style or even a specific formatting theme.

Whatever aesthetic you choose, it’s important that every post on your page adheres to this aesthetic.

Think about reshaping your feed to work visually.

Once you’ve decided on an aesthetic, it can greatly help to keep a consistent look and feel.

The idea here is not to simply slap up photos randomly – instead, you should thoughtfully curate an Instagram feed that ties together visually and thematically.

Instagram is inherently a visual platform and users expect top-tier visual content.

So it’s really key to your brand’s success on the platform to consistently curate content that matches your aesthetic.

It’s not just about what you’re posting, but also how everything fits together as a whole.

Strategically planning your posts to ensure they complement each other visually will make your feed more pleasing to the eye and more likely to attract followers.

And, as more followers equals more potential customers, this is an aspect of your Instagram strategy that should not be overlooked.

Of course, the most beautiful feed in the world won’t mean much if the content isn’t top-notch, too.

That’s why you need to ensure that the photos you post are high-quality and the captions you write are engaging.

This is where the use of tools come into play.

Thankfully, there are a range of tools available that can aid you in maintaining a consistent aesthetic on your Instagram feed.

Tools like Preview and Planoly allow you to visualize your feed and plan your posts in advance to ensure they fit with your selected aesthetic.

Another key point in curating content to match your aesthetic is establishing what you won’t post.

This will help maintain a consistent look and avoid off-brand posts that could detriment your carefully crafted aesthetic.

Regardless of your niche or industry, it’s crucial that your Instagram content is consistently visually appealing.

It is also important to remain authentic and aligned with your brand identity.

You want to create a strong connection with your audience and having a consistent aesthetic can help them recognize and relate to your brand.

So, utilize these tips and curate content that matches your aesthetic.

Your followers will appreciate the consistency and visual appeal of your feed.

Over time, this will lead to a more engaged audience, increased brand recognition and ultimately, more customers for your business.

In the process of curating content to match your aesthetic, don’t be afraid to experiment and evolve.

The key is to strike a balance between maintaining consistency while also keeping your content fresh and engaging.

I highly recommend taking a look at this resource,, which offers valuable insights into building your brand aesthetic on Instagram.

Remember, building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic is not something that happens overnight, but with consistent effort, your brand aesthetic will strengthen over time, leading to a more impressive and engaging Instagram profile.

18. Interact with Followers Regularly

One of the most effective ways to cultivate a strong Instagram brand aesthetic is to interact with your followers regularly.

User engagement is a key element in building and maintaining a strong brand on Instagram.

It’s not just about creating quality content, but also about fostering a genuine interaction between your brand and your audience.

Reply to comments, direct messages, and mentions in a timely and genuine manner.

Maintaining regular interaction with your followers helps in building a strong relationship with them, which not only strengthens your brand but also increases the chances of turning followers into customers.

Also, take the time to like and comment on their posts as it can boost the visibility of your brand on Instagram.

Keep your responses consistent with your brand voice to maintain your brand’s overall aesthetic.

Hold regular Instagram Live sessions, where you can interact with your followers in real time.

This fosters a sense of community and makes your followers feel more connected to your brand.

Another way to engage with your audience is to regularly conduct Instagram polls and Q&A sessions in your Instagram Stories.

Not only does this give your audience a platform to voice their opinions, it also gives you valuable insights into what they like about your brand and what they’d like to see more of.

You can also share user-generated content on your feed or your Stories.

This will not only boost engagement rates but also enhance your Instagram aesthetic as it adds a layer of authenticity and realness to your Instagram feed.

Regular giveaways and contests are yet another fantastic strategy to engage with your audience while simultaneously promoting your brand.

Moreover, it is a fun method to explore creative ways to drive engagement and enhance your brand on Instagram.

Remember, the goal is to create meaningful, two-way conversations that help build a vibrant, engaged community around your brand and its aesthetic on Instagram.

19. Keep Background and Props Consistent

When it comes to curating a cohesive and engaging Instagram feed, there’s one factor often overlooked, that is maintaining consistency in the background and props used in your posts.

This can play a significant role in developing a strong brand aesthetic.

Choosing a common theme of props or a uniform backdrop across all your images helps to create a visual pattern.

This results in a more appealing and identifiable brand image.

It’s a subtle technique that can make a major difference.

Therefore, sustaining consistency in the background and props is not just about aesthetics, but also about brand recognition and perception.

Backgrounds and props used can say a lot about your brand.

If your brand promotes eco-friendliness, incorporating elements of nature as your props can send a strong message.

Likewise, a tech brand might use sleek, metallic backgrounds to reinforce its cutting-edge image.

Ideally, your Instagram background and props should function as a canvas that best highlights your product or service.

They should support, and not overpower, the main focus of the image.

Attention must also be paid to the colors of the props and the background.

Remember, colors evoke emotions and they should ideally tie in with your brand’s color palette.

Maintaining a consistency doesn’t mean every post needs to look identical.

It’s about creating a recognizable pattern.

When you stick to similar backgrounds and props, you start to develop a ‘signature style’.

This style becomes innate to your brand and helps to strengthen your brand’s image.

Your props and background should be picked as per your niche.

For instance, a travel influencer might consistently use a map or passport as a prop in their photos, a food blogger might use kitchen utensils or ingredients as props and both might mostly pose outdoors.

If you are still wondering how to keep your Instagram aesthetics refined with backgrounds and props, the following video provides details of a trick in product photography.

Watching it may lead to some great insights:

Keeping your Instagram background and prop style consistent is a strategy, a part of your overall brand aesthetic.

It may require some experimentation and fine-tuning, but the outcome will be rewarding.

Lastly, remember that the background and props in your photos are just one aspect.

Everything from your captions, hashtags, comments to interactions must be in sync.

They should all work together to present a unified image of your brand on Instagram.

So, in building your Instagram brand aesthetic, don’t underestimate the impact of a consistent background and props in your images.

Make it your unique signature style and let it magnify the identity of your brand.

20. Use Grid Layout Deliberately

One of the essential strategies for building a robust Instagram brand aesthetic is the deliberate use of a grid layout for your posts.

Each square on your Instagram grid is an opportunity to showcase your brand and leave a lasting impression on your followers.

It’s not just about the individual posts, but also how they fit together as a whole horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Using a grid layout intentionally can be impactful is because it provides a sense of alignment and cohesion to your brand’s visual story on Instagram, creating an overall aesthetic that’s consistent and pleasing to the eye.

When your grid layout is used deliberately, each image complements the next, enhancing the visual appeal and ultimate perception of your brand.

This can be achieved through theme consistency both in terms of subject matter and color palette or design aesthetic.

The key is to plan your posts in advance — consider what each image will look like within the grid before posting it.

To use a grid layout deliberately doesn’t mean your feed needs to be rigid or invariante.

On the contrary, be creative, dynamic and flexible while keeping the layout intentional and coherent.

You can choose to employ a checkerboard pattern, stick to a specific color scheme, alternate between types of posts, or show larger images across several posts.

But, in whatever pattern or sequence you decide, consistency is essential.

A handy tool in achieving this is Instagram planning apps — they allow you to preview your grid layout before posting, ensuring that each post sits well within the larger whole.

Crafting a deliberate grid layout may require more pre-planning and strategy, but it’s well worth it when your Instagram feed comes together to reflect your brand’s aesthetic and visually appeals your target audience.

Remember, Instagram visitors don’t just see your latest post, but also your profile’s overall aesthetic.

So, optimizing your grid layout is not just advisable, it’s essential.

Ensure your Instagram grid tells a visual story about your brand — whether that’s through consistent color usage or theme, a deliberate mix of product and lifestyle shots, or recurring graphic elements — and you’ll create a feed that’s visually consistent but also diverse and engaging.

By using a grid layout deliberately and intelligently, you can keep your audience engaged and attract new followers, thus boosting your brand’s presence on Instagram.

So, take time to plan out your brand’s Instagram grid, curate your content needs specifically for the grid, and watch your consistent, attractive feed effectively engage your audience and build your brand’s identity.

21. Balance Between Business and Fun Posts

When it comes to managing an Instagram account for your business, maintaining a balance between professional and fun posts is key to establishing a strong brand aesthetic.

This balance is essential in keeping your audience engaged, interested, and informed.

Posting solely about your products or services can come across as too promotional and frankly, boring.

Mixing up your content by including fun, light-hearted posts helps make your brand more relatable and appealing to your followers.

On the other end of the spectrum, only sharing fun, unrelated content can confuse your audience and dilute your brand messaging.

It’s all about finding that sweet spot in the middle where both types of posts coexist harmoniously.

Mixing up your content by including fun, light-hearted posts helps make your brand more relatable and appealing to your followers.

For instance, you could alternate between product shots and fun team photos, customer testimonials and quirky memes related to your industry, informative posts and playful stories.

The variety will keep your followers guessing about what’s coming up next, which can increase engagement and anticipation.

If you notice that certain types of posts are performing better than others, don’t be afraid to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Remember: the goal is to captivate your audience while staying true to your brand identity.

A strategic approach to your content planning will ensure that your brand remains consistent, authentic, and engaging throughout your Instagram presence.

Another great strategy is to use Instagram’s features to your advantage.

For example, you can use Instagram Stories for behind-the-scenes content, quick updates, or fun and engaging activities like polls or Q&A sessions.

This can add a layer of spontaneity and authenticity to your brand, further solidifying your connection with your audience.

Remember, your Instagram should be a reflection of your brand’s personality.

If your brand is more serious, the balance may lean more towards business posts but if your brand is playful and energetic, then more fun posts may be appropriate.

Keeping the balance may seem tricky at first, but with time you’ll learn to navigate the waters and build a strong Instagram brand aesthetic your followers will love and recognise.

For additional tips and inspiration consider watching this video It provides valuable insights on how to effectively market your business on social media.

In conclusion, maintaining a balance between business and fun posts will not only help you establish a strong brand aesthetic but also increase your engagement, solidify your brand identity and make your brand more relatable and appealing.

But remember, always be authentic and be open to experimenting, adapting, and evolving.

22. Post Content Followers Value

Understanding your followers is a critical aspect of building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic.

Not only do you need to create a visually cohesive feed, but the content you share needs to offer value to your audience.

Your goal is to offer content that your followers find engaging, informative, entertaining or inspiring.

Doing so will not only encourage them to engage with your posts but also to share your content within their own networks.

This can result in greater visibility for your brand and potentially grow your follower base.

A few ways to ensure that your posts are giving value include understanding your audience’s interests and catering to them.

Researching common questions or problems your audience may have and providing solutions or answers could be very beneficial.

Creating content that is relatable and real helps to build authenticity, another critical element in a strong Instagram brand aesthetic.

Telling a story or sharing a personal experience can help create an emotional connection with your followers.

Regular polls or questionnaires can also be helpful in gauging what type of content your followers appreciate the most.

Always remember that quality over quantity is the key when it comes to Instagram content.

Instead of focusing on posting as much as possible, focus on the value each post brings.

Engagement is the objective – you want to create dialogue, generate likes, shares or comments.

Therefore the content you share needs to evoke some form of reaction or interaction from your audience.

Building a strong Instagram brand aesthetic isn’t just about beautiful pictures; it’s about presenting a brand image that aligns with your audience’s values and expectations.

In conclusion, posting content that resonates and provides value to your followers is a vital strategy to strengthen your brand aesthetic on Instagram.

23. Collaborate with Like-Minded Brands/Influencers

Building a robust and coherent Instagram brand aesthetic entails more than just curating high-quality content, it also involves strategic partnerships.

Collaboration with like-minded brands and influencers can be a beneficial strategy for boosting your brand image and gaining exposure.

Influence in the digital world typically comes from content creators who have cultivated a sense of trust and loyalty with their followers, and they can be a powerful asset in enhancing your Instagram aesthetic.

Identify potential collaborators whose brand aesthetics align with your own to ensure a seamless fit with your content.

Working with influencers within your industry not only exposes your brand to a new target audience, but it also adds a degree of authenticity and trust to your promotional content.

As a brand, partnering with Instagram influencers can provide fresh, creative content that resonates with your target audience and exemplifies your brand aesthetics.

For example, you may work with an influencer to create a unique hashtag related to your brand or a specific campaign, incorporating this feature into both of your Instagram aesthetics.

This kind of collaboration can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and appeal, as influencers often have dedicated and highly engaged audiences.

Cross-promotion is another advantage of partnering with like-minded brands.

By featuring each other’s products or services, or even simply mentioning each other in posts, you effectively tap into each other’s follower base, thereby increasing mutual visibility and reach.

Moreover, these collaborations can lead to a rich exchange of ideas, inspiration, and branding strategies that can strengthen and improve your brand’s identity.

It’s important to maintain a degree of control and ensure that any collaborations align well with your brand aesthetic, voice, and identity.

Quality control is essential in these partnerships, to ensure the content produced maintains a standard in line with your brand’s aesthetic.

And remember, collaboration doesn’t only mean seeking out Instagram mega-stars.

Nano and micro-influencers, who despite having fewer followers, often boast higher engagement rates, should not be overlooked.

While learning from and collaborating with other brands and influencers can be beneficial, it’s also important to preserve your unique voice and style.

Every collaboration should be a partnership in which your brand identity is highlighted and your Instagram aesthetic is enhanced.

For more insights on how to attract brands attention for collaborations, especially as a micro or nano influencer, watch this insightful video:

24. Use Compelling Captions

In the realm of Instagram brand aesthetics, a powerful tool often underutilized is effective caption usage.

A picture may paint a thousand words, but a compelling caption can succinctly convey the essence of your brand to your audience.

The depth of your brand aesthetic isn’t just visual; it’s also expressed in the tone and content of your captions.

Compelling captions have the ability to turn viewers into followers, followers into customers, and customers into brand advocates.

Your captions offer significant opportunities for you to engage with your audience, making your brand more relatable and approachable.

The key to writing compelling captions is to make them authentic, engaging, and accessible.

The more authentically you express your brand, the more likely your audience is to respond positively and engage with your content.

To make your captions engaging, consider questions, trivia, or inspiring quotes that coincide with your brand identity.

Adding a call to action in your captions, such as asking your followers to share their thoughts or experiences, can boost engagement further.

Your captions should also remain consistent with your brand voice.

If you’re lighthearted and funny, your captions should reflect that.

If you’re more serious and informative, your captions should stay true to this.

Add personality to your captions by incorporating emojis, but remember to use them sparingly and aligned with your brand voice.

Lastly, the length of your caption can carry a lot of weight.

While Instagram allows up to 2,200 characters for captions, it’s essential to keep them concise and to the point while delivering your message effectively.

Proofread your captions thoroughly before posting to avoid any grammatical errors or typos that can affect the perception of your brand.

By leveraging compelling captions, you can enhance your brand’s Instagram aesthetic and create a deeper connection with your audience.

Remeber, Instagram is not only about visual content; the connective narrative or story that you weave through your captions can set your brand apart in the crowded Instagram landscape.

25. Experiment, Adapt, And Evolve.

In the dynamic world of social media, the mantra of experiment, adapt, and evolve is central to creating a strong Instagram brand aesthetic.

Not only should brands strive to be innovative with their content, but they should also be responsive to changing trends and preferences to maintain relevance and engagement.

Instagram, like any social media platform, is constantly evolving.

Thus, brands must be willing to experiment with new features such as Reels, Stories, IGTV, and more.

While consistency in brand aesthetic is important, it should not prevent brands from trying new strategies that could potentially boost their engagement and reach on Instagram.

Embracing change and adaptation can give your brand the edge in a competitive landscape.

For instance, if a new Instagram feature aligns with your brand’s vision and could benefit your audience, don’t be afraid to integrate it into your content mix.

It’s crucial to track the performance of your Instagram content through analytics.

This allows you to identify what’s working, what’s not, and areas where you can adapt and improve.

In this sense, adapting is all about learning from your content’s performance to make data-driven improvements.

This could involve tweaking your content format, posting schedule, captions, or visuals based on audience feedback and engagement rates.

The ability to evolve is an important aspect of maintaining a strong Instagram aesthetic.

Sometimes, evolving could mean doing a complete overhaul of your aesthetic to keep up with emerging trends.

However, it’s important to ensure that any changes you’ve made still align with your brand identity and resonate with your followers.

After all, your Instagram aesthetic is a reflection of your brand’s uniqueness and should consistently convey its persona and values.

Even if you have to make changes, always keep the core elements of your brand identity intact and coherent.

Maintaining a recognizable and coherent aesthetic is crucial to building and retaining your followers on Instagram.

This journey of experimentation, adaptation, and evolution is a continuous process, as Instagram itself is a ever-changing platform.

Therefore, brands should never stop exploring new ideas and be proactive in implementing changes as needed.

This openness to adapt and evolve brings agility and dynamism to your Instagram aesthetic, making it a truly upbeat and engaging space for your followers.

Keeping your Instagram aesthetic adaptable and evolving will not only enhance your brand presence on the platform, but also help you stay ahead of the curve in this fast-paced digital world.

If you need help creating or evolving your brand’s Instagram strategy, watching the video tutorial below might be beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a consistent and compelling brand image on social media platforms is a multi-faceted endeavor that involves conscious decision-making and strategic planning.

Key aspects to consider include the alignment with brand identity in all aspects from palette choice to tone of voice and content selection.

Emphasizing authenticity through showcasing real products, behind-the-scenes content, and user-generated content can significantly enhance brand credibility.

Regular interactions with followers, collaborations with similar brands, and the sharing of valuable content can boost engagement and foster a sense of community.

Consistency in visual elements such as fonts and filters, as well as in posting schedules, can further instill a recognizable brand identity.

Meanwhile, the use of strategic elements like the brand logo, customer testimonials, and professionally-shot photos can significantly enhance brand perception.

Nonetheless, adaptation and evolution are just as vital, given the ever-changing landscape of social media trends and user behaviors.

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