11 Tips On How to Grow a Cat Instagram Account (2023)

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Instagram has emerged as an influential platform where pet enthusiasts from around the globe interact through engaging content.

Surprisingly, cats have proven to be amongst the most admired and sought-after internet celebrities.

Launching an Instagram account dedicated to our feline friends, however, is not without its challenges.

From establishing a solid presence to attracting a consistent follower base, the process requires strategy and dedication.

Knowing that, the purpose of this article is to provide valuable insights aimed at enhancing your efforts to showcase your cat on this prominent social media platform.

By implementing the tips provided herein, you’ll be equipped to attract and retain a dedicated audience for your feline-themed Instagram account.

Tips On How To Grow A Cat Instagram Account

1. Post daily high-quality, captivating cat photos

The first and arguably the most important step in growing a cat-focused Instagram account is to post daily high-quality, captivating cat photos.

The quality of your content greatly impacts your account’s growth.

High-quality, compelling images will attract more followers and retain current ones.

The higher the quality of your images, the more likely people are to engage with your posts.

Moreover, enticing cat photos will make viewers eagerly anticipate your daily posts.

Therefore, the quality of your photos is paramount for the success of your account.

Influencers and amateur photographers alike use various techniques for creating visually stunning and captivating images.

For example, you can experiment with different lighting setups, angles, and cat poses to capture unique and eye-catching shots.

While the focus of your account will naturally be on cats, how you showcase them can make all the difference.

Think carefully about your image composition — how the elements in your photo are arranged.

Leverage your camera’s elements of design like line, shape, pattern, and color to give your images depth and keep them interesting.

By watching this video, you could start to learn how to increase your chances of having the sharpest images possible on Instagram.

It’s a incredibly useful resource to take your photo quality to the next level.

Don’t forget the power of a good caption to complement your high-quality images.

A well-thought-out caption can provide context, show your personality, and engage your audience.

It goes a long way in encouraging likes, comments, and shares on your captivating cat images.

Engagement is a key factor in Instagram’s algorithm; the more people interact with your posts, the more Instagram will boost your content in users’ feeds.

Remember, consistency is key.

Posting captivating cat photos daily will keep your audience interested and coming back for more.

More importantly, a consistent posting schedule signals to Instagram that you’re an active, engaged user.

As a result, your content is more likely to get priority in your followers’ feeds.

However, avoid spamming or overposting, as that’s a sure way to drive people away.

Instead, strive to strike a balance, delivering quality content at a pace that your audience can appreciate.

Gaining a following on Instagram does require commitment, but keep in mind the goal is to share your passion for cats and create a community of like-minded people.

So, let your love for cats, coupled with high-quality, captivating images, guide you on this journey of growing your Instagram account.

2. Use Popular and Relevant Hashtags

The use of popular and relevant hashtags is a key strategy in making your cat Instagram account more visible and appealing to potential followers.

These small yet powerful tags act as a searchable link that connects your content with similar content that could spark interest among Instagram users.

Tagging #catlovers, #catlife, #catmom, for example, is a nice way of attracting a community of cat enthusiasts to your posts.

Furthermore, it’s essential to stay aware of the current popular hashtags as they change often with the trends.

Track the popularity of hashtags in the Instagram app itself or through external social media metric websites.

By staying on top of the trending hashtags and including them in your posts, you can help your cat Instagram account get more exposure and interaction.

This tip does not mean to simply fill your posts with a sea of popular hashtags.

It’s more important to only use those hashtags that are relevant to your content.

Hashtags that aren’t coherent with the content are seen as spammy and might disillusion potential followers.

Therefore, while tagging posts with the trending hashtags, ensure that they add value to your content, telling Instagram’s algorithms and your followers that the content you’re posting is related to these hashtags.

For example, a picture of a lazy cat on a Sunday would fit perfectly with the popular hashtag #lazysunday.

By employing this strategy, potential followers will find your content organically, and if they like what they see, they’re more likely to stick around and engage with your account.

In addition to using popular hashtags, you could create and promote a unique hashtag specific to your cat Instagram account.

Creating a branded hashtag makes it easier for your followers and other users to find all posts related to your account once they search for your exclusive hashtag.

This would not only encourage your followers to use it in their posts but can also be used for promotions or contests, which is another way of actively growing your Instagram account.

Furthermore, using a mix of hashtags—broad and niche, popular and unique—will optimise your chances of being discovered by the perfect audience.

Ultimately, hashtags are an effective and free tool to get your cat-centric content in front of the right eyes.

So, always make a point to use popular and relevant hashtags effectively to grow your Cat Instagram account.

3. Engage with other cat-loving accounts

In the bid to grow a cat Instagram account, an imperative step is to engage actively with other cat-loving accounts.

This simple strategy helps to increase your visibility on the platform and attract more followers.

Engagement can be in several forms including commenting on posts, liking posts and even following other cat-based accounts.

It is important to note that the level of engagement should be genuine and not robotic.

Remember, Instagram’s algorithms favour genuine interaction, hence, your engagement should not be seen as spammy or self-promotion oriented.

The quote above emphasizes the need for authenticity in engagement.

Instagram’s orientation towards genuine interaction with other users is crucial to understand for successful account growth.

As a result, careful and genuine engagement with other accounts is an absolute must in growing your cat-loving community.

Engaging with other accounts in your niche will also keep you abreast of new trends and ideas.

This knowledge will, in turn, enable you to adapt your content strategy to match the current popular style which followers support and interact with immensely.

You do not want to seem out of touch with your ardent followers and other niche enthusiasts.

By watching the embedded video, you can better understand how to properly interact with other Instagram accounts in your niche.

The video shows how to effectively engage other accounts, thereby growing your follower base exponentially.

Remember that it’s not just about the quantity of the engagement, but the quality as well.

Good quality engagement means you are present, you respond, and you actively participate in conversations.

That way, when your followers tag you or message you, they feel heard and appreciated.

A little engagement can go a long way.

If someone takes out time to comment on your post, the least you can do is to respond.

Similarly, tagging the original source when you repost a content can also help to boost your engagement rates, as this fosters a sense of community among cat lovers.

So go ahead and comment, like, and follow as many cat-loving accounts as you can.

Authentic and active engagement is the key.

4. Run Contests and Giveaways.

One exceptional way to increase your Instagram followers is by running contests and giveaways.

A well-organized giveaway can encourage users to follow your account, engage in your post, or share your platform with others.

This direct participation of the audience promotes your account to potential followers in their communities.

Themed contests, based on popular holidays or events, can easily gather attention and make your page more appealing.

User-friendly instructions should be offered for audience participation in the contests.

Through this interactive approach, your Instagram account becomes more noticeable and user-friendly to cat enthusiasts.

This statement supports the fundamental theory that a more engaging account will most likely gain more followers and likes.

Creating an impact on Instagram requires users to feel connected to your account and doing so will only lead to more participation in future contests and giveaways.

Prizes for these contests or giveaways could be cat-themed merchandise or goodies and should be relevant to your audience.

It could be something as simple as a personalized cat scarf, a cute cat-themed keychain, or even cash prizes.

Providing appealing rewards will increase the participation number exponentially.

Additionally, partnering with other cat-related brands or cat-themed merchandise stores during these giveaways can increase the overall hype and result.

It can also help promote partners which might lead to potential collaborations in the future.

Sharing the announcement of the contest winners on your story or post not only increases the credibility of your contest but also motivates the remaining audience for future participation.

It’s important to remember though, the process of announcing winners must be transparent and fair.

Indeed, conducting contests and giveaways on Instagram is not an overnight success.

However, with the right strategy and perseverance, these contests and giveaways can significantly contribute to the growth and engagement of your cat-themed Instagram account.

5. Share user-generated content occasionally.

Sharing user-generated content on your Instagram account is a wonderful way to involve and acknowledge your community and audience.

It allows for an interactive medium and propagates a sense of inclusivity among your followers.

Cat lovers enjoy sharing their cat pictures and if their posts are featured by an account they follow, it incentivizes them to engage even more.

Incorporating user-generated content discounts the pressure of constantly creating new content, providing a nice variety to your account.

By watching the embedded video, you will learn practical on how to incorporate user-generated content effectively into your Instagram content strategy.

You will also see some real-world examples of successful applications of this strategy.

While sharing user-generated content, it’s vital to give due credit to the creator of the content.

Remember, reposting content without proper attribution is disrespectful and against the Instagram Community Guidelines.

Hence, always tag the original poster, and preferably, ask for their permission before you repost.

Doing this not only adheres to the Guidelines but also builds a trustful relationship between you and your followers.

Also, it opens up a line of communication and instigates them to share more of their cat pictures with you.

However, it’s important to not overdo the sharing of user-generated content.

The reason being, your audience followed your account for your distinctive content style, and changing it regularly to feature other people’s posts may confuse and put your followers off.

Hence, maintaining a balance between your original content, and user-generated content is the key to keep your account attractive and unique.

Sharing user-generated content occasionally adds a refreshing angle to your Instagram feed and echoes the voice of your community.

It is an excellent way to incentivize your followers to interact and engage, thereby helping in growing your account.

6. Post Cute, Funny, or Inspiring Captions

When it comes to running a successful cat-themed Instagram account, the visual content is undoubtedly key; however, much value can also be found in creating cute, funny, or inspiring captions.

The caption of an Instagram post serves multiple purposes; it not only adds to the aesthetics of the photo or video but also provides a platform to communicate with your audience, enhancing the overall user experience.

Captions on Instagram also play a significant role in determining audience engagement levels.

If the caption is interesting and catchy, it’s more likely that your followers will leave comments, like, or share your posts.

In fact, a well-thought-out caption can often be the difference between a post that gets moderate engagement and one that goes viral.

This quote shows the importance of not just focusing on the visuals in your posts.

A great caption can elevate a good post to an exceptional level of popularity.

It’s definitely worth spending that extra time to think through what your caption should be.

For a cat-focused Instagram account, try experimenting with different types of captions.

You could post a cute catchphrase that your cat seems to embody, share a funny anecdote about your cat’s exploits, or use the caption space to inspire your followers with a positive message, using your cat’s behavior as a metaphor.

Keep in mind the tone of your Instagram account when crafting your captions.

If your account is all about sharing the adorable antics of your cat, then a humorous or light-hearted caption will probably resonate best with your target audience.

It’s also a great idea to include questions or calls to action in your captions.

Encouraging your followers to engage with your posts by asking a question or suggesting they tag a friend can greatly increase the interactions your posts receive.

It’s also crucial to remain authentic in your captions.

If you try too hard to be someone you’re not, your audience will pick up on it.

However, if you share genuine stories or expressions of personality, your followers will be more likely to connect with you and your cat.

Remember, Instagram is a social platform first and foremost.

Communications shared through captions should aim to foster a greater sense of community among your followers.

This promotes sustained engagement and helps attract new followers.

User-generated content can also provide a wealth of opportunities for creative captions.

For example, if one of your followers shares a picture of their cat doing something hilarious, you could share the picture on your account with a funny caption, crediting the original poster of course.

Ultimately, the captions for your cat-themed Instagram account should complement the visual content and provide additional intrigue or entertainment for your followers, ensuring they keep coming back for more.

7. Utilize Instagram stories and highlights consistently

Using the Instagram stories and highlights feature is an excellent approach to consistently promoting your cat-focused content.

Instagram stories let you exhibit your cat photos, videos, and anecdotes in a fun, engaging way that sits at the top of your followers’ feeds.

Delivering daily doses of quality content through stories can boost viewers’ interest significantly.

With the use of tools like stickers, GIFs, and fun filters, stories can breathe life into the everyday antics of your feline friends.

While stories give a sneak-peek into a cat’s daily life, Instagram highlights let you systematize these stories in different categories over a prolonged period.

Whether it’s memorable events, hilarious moments, or cute shots, you can archive these snippets in the highlights section of your cat’s Instagram profile.

Instagram highlights serve as a curated collection of your favorite stories that you want to keep on your profile as long as you wish.

Having these neatly arranged highlights categories can give new followers an idea of what your cat is all about, a perfect treat, especially if you have been consistently posting stories about different aspects of your cat’s life.

Furthermore, Instagram’s algorithm rewards your engagement with the Stories and Highlights function through increased visibility.

Therefore, mastering the knack of creating captivating stories and categorizing them neatly in highlights will increase your profile’s visibility and will go a long way in growing your Instagram cat account.

I recommend watching this video if you want to become proficient with Instagram stories and maximize their potential.

Viewing it can guide you on how to create high-quality stories and understand their underutilized features to garner a wider audience for your cat-themed Instagram account.

8. Collaborate with popular cat-focused accounts.

One of the most effective ways to grow your cat Instagram account is by choosing to collaborate with accounts that share the same passion for cats as you do.

This is particularly useful if those accounts already have a large and engaged following.

Collaborating does not only mean guest posting or sharing each other’s content.

It could involve going live together on Instagram, conducting interviews, doing fun comparisons or challenges, and much more.

Always be creative and think outside the box about how you can make your collaboration intriguing and enjoyable for your collective audience.

You can also try collaborating with local cat cafes, cat-boarding services, cat adoption agencies, or any cat-related businesses that maintain a strong presence on Instagram.

This will not only increase your reach but will also build your account’s reputation as a trusted and credible source of cat-related content.

It is crucial that the cat-focused account you choose to collaborate with aligns with your content and audience demographics.

For example, if your account primarily features exotic breeds, you may want to collaborate with a cat breeder who specializes in these breeds or a pet store that sells products catered to them.

It’s important to note that while collaborations can be very beneficial, they require mutual respect and understanding between both parties.

You must be willing to put in the time and effort to create meaningful content together, respect the other account’s rules and guidelines, and maintain open and honest communication throughout the process.

Creating a positive and fruitful collaboration can lead to many more opportunities in the future and greatly boost your account’s visibility and engagement.

Remember, the end goal is not just to gain followers but to cultivate a cat-loving community that actively engages with your content.

Identify potential collaborations by analyzing your audience.

Identify which other cat accounts they are following and engaging with.

Reach out to these accounts with a personalized message, proposing your collaboration idea and explaining why it would be beneficial for both parties.

Be sure to back up your proposal with concrete data and facts about your audience’s engagement rates and demographics.

All in all, collaborations are a powerful tool for growing your cat Instagram account and should definitely be included in your growth strategy.

9. Make sure your Bio is interesting and clear.

Bio is actually the face of your Instagram account.

When someone visits your account, the Bio is the first thing they’re likely to read.

It gives people an idea about you, your cat, and your account, hence, it should be both interesting and clear.

Consider it like the back cover of a book.

If you’re trying to grow your cat Instagram account, it’s important to take the time to craft an engaging bio that quickly gives an overview of what your account is about.

Interest: You need to pique your visitors’ interest.

You can do this by writing something unique about your cat or something that differentiates your account from others.

Clarity: Be straightforward and avoid ambiguity.

It’s important that your visitors have a clear understanding of what your account offers.

The more clarity there is, the more likely it becomes that they will hit the follow button.

Whilst creativity is always encouraged, do not trade clarity for creativity.

It’s not unusual to find accounts getting overly creative with their bio in an attempt to stand out.

While this is not wrong, it often leads to misinformation, making the account’s purpose unclear to a new visitor.

Your ultimate goal should be simplicity and clarity.

When crafting your bio ensure that it is simple, concise, and straight to the point.

Your followers will appreciate it.

Adding some fun facts about your cat, or letting your audience know what to expect from your account (such as daily uploads, giveaways, or funny captions) are excellent ways to make your bio engaging.

Proper use of emojis also helps in giving your bio a lively appearance which tends to draw the attention of visitors towards it.

They can also be effective at conveying your message more succinctly.

Let’s not forget about the importance of Call-to-Action (CTAs).

You can use this space to direct your followers or visitors to your website, blog, or even a recent post.

Your CTA should encourage your audience to do something after visiting your profile.

Also consider keyword optimization for bio creation.

Your bio should contain keywords relevant to your account, which can help you get discovered by users searching for cat-related content.

While there is a limited number of characters allowed by Instagram for a bio, make the best use of it.

Ensure that you write something that both provides value and evokes interest in the readers.

You can learn more about creating an effective Instagram Bio by watching the embedded resource.

It offers practical steps on how to optimize your bio in ways that it can help in getting more followers.

10. Tag cat-related brands or influencers.

Efficiently using the tag feature is a powerful tool for growing your cat Instagram account.

This strategy involves tagging relevant cat-related brands, influencers, or other popular cat-focused Instagram accounts in your posts.

The main objective of this technique is to draw attention to your content from these influential entities and their followers, thereby increasing your overall reach and potential follower count.

By typing the @ symbol followed by the brand or influencer’s Instagram handle in the caption of your post, you tag the chosen entity and make your post visible on their page.

This technique allows you to get noticed by large audiences who share an interest in cats and cat-related content.

Remember, it’s vital to only tag relevant and related accounts.

Inappropriate tagging can lead to your account being seen as spam, which negatively affects your credibility and reach on Instagram.

By tagging, you’re not only looking for attention but also offering value by adding relevant content to their page.

This engagement signifies to Instagram’s algorithm that your account is related to these popular cat-focused accounts, potentially impacting the discoverability of your profile.

Another effective method includes tagging brands or influencers in your pictures directly.

In this case, your image appears in their tagged photos section, resulting in your content being exposed to their audience whenever they review this section.

This method is an excellent way for your posts to get noticed and appreciated by other IG users, thereby boosting your post visibility and engagement.

Moreover, remember to tag responsibly .

Over-tagging or tagging unrelated accounts could lead to the Instagram algorithm flagging your account as spam.

It is essential that you tag only relevant accounts and in moderation, to avoid any potential penalization by the Instagram algorithm.

Building the habit of properly tagging relevant cat-related brands or influencers can play a significant role in attracting more followers to your Instagram page and improving engagement levels on your posts.

11. Use Instagram Ads to reach wider audience.

One of the most effective strategies to grow your cat Instagram account is the usage of Instagram Ads.

This process may require a certain investment, as it is not free, but the results can be incredibly rewarding.

Instagram Ads can significantly increase your visibility, allowing your content to reach not only your followers but a much wider audience.

This strategy could convert into new followers who are passionate about cats and will engage with your content.

Instagram Ads can be set to target specific demographics and interests.

Therefore, you can specify the ad’s display to Instagram users who are interested in cats.

This helps ensure that your content is being seen by people who are most likely to follow your account and engage with your posts.

Customizing your advertisements to cater specifically to cat lovers can provide a higher return on investment and grow your follower count more rapidly.

Following the above quote, there is significant emphasis on targeting the ads to tailored audience, in order to ensure a high conversion rate.

Here, the user spend is translated into the acquisition of more followers who genuinely have interest in cats, thereby guaranteeing continued engagement and interaction on posts.

Furthermore, when you decide to use Instagram Ads, you have the opportunity to choose where your ads will be shown.

This could either be on the Instagram feed, stories, or the explore page.

The choice of placement can be dependent on where you think your potential followers may likely be spending their most time.

The Bottom Line

To maximize the impact and reach of your Instagram profile focused on our feline friends, it is crucial to post daily captivating content, effectively use hashtags, and engage with similar accounts.

Running contests or giveaways can increase engagement, while sharing user-generated content can boost authenticity.

Captions should be creative and relatable, and the features of Instagram like stories and highlights should be consistently used.

Collaborations with other popular accounts can help garner more followers.

An appealing bio and tagging related brands or influencers enhances visibility.

Lastly, investing in Instagram Ads is an effective strategy to reach a wider audience, in the quest to share a love for cats more expansively.

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