11 Steps to Grow Your Craft Instagram Page (2023)

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Creating a successful Instagram profile dedicated to your crafts requires intentional strategy and a clear understanding of your target audience.

With the exponential growth of this social media platform, leveraging its potential can lead to immense visibility and business growth.

However, building a page that resonates with potential customers, engages your existing audience, and accurately represents your crafting brand involves a series of methodical steps.

Mastery of various elements like content planning, aesthetic consistency, and effective hashtagging is key.

Keep in mind, nurturing an Instagram community doesn’t happen overnight, but with smart tactics, you can make your page a go-to destination for craft enthusiasts.

This article will provide a detailed guide on the necessary steps to optimize your crafting Instagram page for success.

Steps To Cultivate Your Craft Instagram Page

1. Define Your Craft and Target Audience

Your craft is what sets you apart from countless others on Instagram.

It is your unique skill, talent, or product that you want to showcase to the world.

Defining your craft means understanding what you are offering that’s unique and how it appeals to your audience.

This could be anything from pottery and painting to unique crafts like basket weaving or even digital arts.

Your craft is not limited to tangible products; it could be your style, your process, or your innovative use of materials.

Like a signature, your craft should be distinctly yours.

Once you’ve defined your craft, the next step is to identify your target audience.

A target audience is the specific group of people you want to reach with your messages.

Your target audience are those who find your craft appealing or useful and are likely to engage with your content.

They could be other craft enthusiasts, professionals in your field, potential customers, or anyone who appreciates the beauty or usefulness of your craft.

Defining your target audience is crucial as it influences your content creation, marketing strategies, and engagement tactics.

Identifying your target audience goes beyond demographics; it involves understanding their interests, preferences, and why they would be interested in your craft.

For instance, if you create digital art, your target audience may be digital creators, graphic designers, advertisers, etc.

Conversely, if your craft involves traditional painting techniques, your target audience might be art enthusiasts, traditional art collectors, educators, etc.

To know more about how to identify your target audience, consider watching the following video.

The video offers resources which might help users get a better understanding of market research and identifying a target audience.

They might also get insights into creating buyer personas, which can lead to a more detailed and thorough understanding of potential customers.

2. Create an Instagram Business Account

Establishing your presence on Instagram begins with setting up a business account.

The process is straightforward and largely intuitive, but it merits discussion due to its importance within the wider strategy of cultivating a successful craft Instagram page.

Given that Instagram is a visually driven platform, your craft-related content would greatly benefit from what it provides.

An Instagram business account specifically offers advantages over a regular account including access to analytics tools, the ability to launch ads, and options for adding contact information.

Your primary tool on Instagram, therefore, should be a business account.

To create such an account, you’ll first need a regular Instagram account.

You can either convert an existing personal account or start from scratch with a new one.

This is a choice dependent on your personal preferences and circumstances.

If you already have an established Instagram presence with a sizable following, it might make sense to convert your account.

Conversely, if your current account is personal in nature or doesn’t align with your craft brand, starting fresh could be a better option.

Whether you’re converting or creating anew, the next step is to navigate the account settings and switch to a professional account, then select the ‘business’ option.

This will prompt Instagram to walk you through the steps to complete the creation of your business account.

You’ll be given the option to connect your Instagram account to a corresponding Facebook page, although this is optional.

Throughout this process, bear in mind that the information you provide should closely align your craft business.

Unlike with personal accounts, business profiles allow ample financial and contact information.

Take advantage of these opportunities to help potential customers or collaborators reach out to you easily.

Though the profile you create now can be updated later, it’s worthwhile to invest time in carefully selecting assets and typing accurate information from the beginning.

Clean, coherent, and comprehensive profiles improve your chances of being taken seriously and establishing meaningful connections.

With the completion of this process, you successfully have an Instagram business profile.

The subsequent steps are where the real work begins: curating and posting your crafts content.

Remember that this Instagram business profile is the foundation upon which your craft business’ online presence will be built.

Without this in place, none of the subsequent steps in cultivating a popular and profitable Instagram page are achievable.

So, create your business account thoroughly and thoughtfully to unlock Instagram’s full potential for your craft business.

3. Design a Memorable Profile Photo and Bio

A crucial part of cultivating an impactful presence on Instagram involves designing a memorable profile photo and an engaging bio that immediately capture viewers’ attention.

The profile photo is the first element potential followers see when they come across your Instagram page.

A well-designed, memorable profile photo can intrigue your audience, giving them the incentive to click on your page and explore your craft.

Your bio, on the other hand, is an excellent opportunity to showcase your unique personality and define your craft in a nutshell.

Therefore, it is essential to use that space wisely and provide succinct, interesting information about you and your craft that resonates with your audience.

Many Instagram users often underestimate the impact of an optimized bio, but it can truly make a difference to your page’s success.

Here’s a good tip: consider including a compelling call-to-action or a link to your business website if you have one.

Highlights of your best work, links to your latest blog posts or any promotional content can also make your bio more appealing.

Remember that readability matters heavily in your bio.

Use emojis, line breaks and bullet points to make the content digestible and visually pleasing.

Your profile photo and bio are your brand’s first impression to the Instagram world – they must be perfectly aligned with your brand aesthetic and communicate your craft in the most appealing way.

Invest some time in planning and creating your profile photo and bio to make sure they are enticing and valuable.

They must, however, be authentic and genuinely represent you and your craft.

Meanwhile, ongoing optimization is a must, therefore always be ready to update your profile photo and bio as you evolve and flourish in your craft.

Watching some insightful tips and tricks showcased in the video may help you design a stand-out profile picture that can capture attention and grow your craft Instagram page rapidly.

It also illustrates how to make the most out of every component of your Instagram profile to win more followers and engagement.

4. Start Producing High-Quality Craft Content

Once your Instagram business account is set up, the real work begins: creating and sharing high-quality craft content.

Crafting, after all, is an art form that delights the senses with texture, color, and design.

The key to creating engaging content is to find the balance between showcasing your artistic talent and providing value to your followers.

Firstly, it’s vital that you capture stunning photographs of your craftwork.

Instagram is a visual platform, and thus, your products’ aesthetics directly influence your followers’ interest and engagement.

You may want to invest a bit into a good camera and learn some basic photography techniques.

Good lighting and composition can significantly improve the overall look and feel of your photos.

By using a unique style, your posts can easily stand out in a user’s feed, giving them a strong reason to follow and interact with your account.

Consistency in style, color palette, and theme can help define your unique brand identity.

The more distinctive and cohesive your feed looks, the more likely it will attract your targeted audience.

Also, supplement your crafting photos by sharing videos or time-lapses of your creative process.

Seeing handmade items being constructed can be fascinating and gives your audience more insights into your craft, humanizing your work.

In the same vein, you can also aim to educate your audience.

If you specialize in a specific craft, offer tips, tutorials, or behind-the-scenes anecdotes to show followers the expertise and effort that goes into your work.

Another way to add value to your audience is to listen and engage with them.

Ask for their feedback or opinions about your works.

This interaction fosters a sense of community and helps you better understand your followers’ preferences and interests.

Remember, your content should not only be about self-promotion.

Aim to provide unique value to your audience that they won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Creating high-quality craft content on Instagram is not just about the occasional post.

It involves careful planning and strategic thinking.

Instagram algorithm rewards accounts with regular posts and high engagements.

So, developing a consistent posting schedule helps keep you visible and relevant.

Do not forget to use Instagram’s many tools to make your content more engaging, such as Instagram’s Stories, Reels, and IGTV.

The quality of your content can make or break your Instagram presence.

But remember, quality doesn’t entirely mean perfect.

It also involves authenticity, uniqueness, and your ability to engage and resonate with your target audience.

Taking time to invest in your content will not only appeal visually to your audience but also strengthen your craft brand’s overall identity, contributing to a successful Instagram strategy.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags to Increase Discoverability

As you venture into harnessing the power of Instagram for your craft business, understanding the necessity and functionality of hashtags is essential.

Hashtags act as mini search engines within Instagram, allowing users to discover content that specifically matches their interests.

Therefore, using relevant hashtags can significantly increase your posts’ visibility, thus making it easier for your target audience to discover your craft.

But how can one identify which hashtags to use?

Start by doing a thorough research on popular hashtags within your niche.

Look at the hashtags your successful competitors and related industries are using.

Also, stay updated with trending hashtags, as they can give your posts a significant boost.

Most crucially, ensure the hashtags you choose are relevant to your craft and target audience.

This is because an unrelated popular hashtag may temporarily increase your views but won’t lead to meaningful engagement or conversion.

For instance, if you’re in the pottery business, a hashtag like ‘#potterylove’ or ‘#handmadepottery’ could be more effective than a general one like ‘#handmade’.

Maintaining a balance between specificity and popularity when choosing hashtags can help maximize discoverability.

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, but using them all might look spammy.

It’s advisable to stick between 5-10 hashtags that best fit your crafted content.

This embedded video can serve as a visual guide for understanding Instagram’s hashtag functionality better.

By watching it, you may learn some valuable tips on how to strategically use hashtags for maximum exposure.

In conclusion, hashtags are a potent tool on Instagram.

They can increase your content’s reach, boost your followers, amplify your brand, and eventually escalate your craft business to unprecedented heights.

However, just adding hashtags isn’t enough, they must be strategically chosen and carefully used.

6. Schedule regular posts and updates.

Your Instagram profile is a visual presentation of your craft, thus consistency is the key to keep your audience engaged.

Instagram’s algorithm favors those who post regularly.

When we talk about scheduling posts, it’s not just about deciding a specific day and time.

It includes planning what to post, when to post, and how often to post.

For craft-related content, your posting schedule can be a mix of work-in-progress shots, completed works, behind-the-scenes peeks, and personal insights into your creative process.

It’s advisable to keep a balance between promotional, informative, and casual content.

Over-promotion might lead to loss of followers.

Harness the ‘insights’ that Instagram provides to find out when your followers are most active.

Plan and schedule your posts accordingly.

The frequency of posts should be such that your audience stays updated, but you don’t overwhelm them either.

It’s not necessary to create new content for each post.

Repurpose old content or reshare posts where you were tagged or mentioned, as long as they are relevant and add value.

You can use scheduling tools like Buffer, Later, or Hootsuite to schedule your posts in advance.

This is very effective in maintaining consistency because it allows you to manage your posts even when you’re not available or during peak engagement hours.

These social media scheduling tools not only offer easy scheduling but also provide analytics to track your post’s performance.

They even suggest the best times to post based on past engagement data.

Remember, consistency doesn’t mean uniformity.

Make sure to keep varying your content types – static photos, carousels, videos, Reels, and Stories.

This will keep your feed interesting and diverse.

Instagram Stories are not as permanent as posts.

They are more casual and offer a great opportunity to connect with your audience on a daily basis.

However, they also need to be planned and scheduled as part of your overall strategy.

Integrated features like Q&A’s, polls, and countdowns in Stories can be used to increase interactiveness and engage followers, and they should also be a part of your scheduling plan.

Every post should have a purpose – whether it’s to showcase your work, share your ideas, or announce upcoming events.

Planning and scheduling in advance will ensure that each post is strategic and contributes to your overall goal.

While scheduling, don’t forget to factor in time for responding to comments and messages.

Engagement is a two-way street, and responding to your audience is a signal to Instagram’s algorithm that you have an active, engaging page.

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself.

While it’s important to plan, it’s equally important to be adaptive and spontaneous.

Sometimes, you’ll want to share content that is timely and immediate, like a progression shot of your craft, or an event you are attending, and that’s okay too.

It adds a much-needed injection of personality and realness.

Ultimately, scheduling regular posts and updates gives you control over your content and presents your work in the best possible light.

7. Engage with Followers through Comments and Direct Messages

The heart of successful craft Instagram pages is often the engagement between the creator and their audience.

Without this key interaction, your craft will go unnoticed, and your page success will be limited.

Ensuring regular and meaningful interaction should be a part of your strategy.

Consider responding to each and every comment on your posts.

This interaction is not just about acknowledging your audience, but it also plays a crucial role in your Instagram algorithm.

The more engaged a post, the more likely it is to be promoted, increasing your visibility.

Simple thanks or appreciation messages can make your followers feel valued.

However, try to personalize the response as much you can.

It’s better to give a specific response that indicates that you have read their comment and appreciated their input.

Regularly reading and responding to the direct messages(DMs) you receive also helps to build a strong relationship with your audience.

Your DM is a private space where a follower can more directly interact, meaning it’s an ideal place to form a strong connection.

Despite the aforementioned, your responses and interactions should always align with your brand image and voice.

Keep your responses professional, friendly, and personalized.

If people take the time to comment or send a DM, it’s crucial to make them aware that their engagement is appreciated.

Being committed to this type of interaction builds a following that will be interested in the content you are sharing.

It also encourages them to engage more with your future posts.

Timely engagement is also important.

Statistics suggest that a speedy response time can boost post visibility, so it’s better to respond as early as possible.

Remember, not all interactions should be text-based.

You can also use Instagram’s video or voice message feature to deepen the relationship and create a sense of exclusivity for your followers.

This video provides effective strategies for engaging with your followers on Instagram.

It gives a clear understanding of how a regular interaction routine can benefit your Instagram account growth.

In the social media world, Instagram users feel more connected if they are closer to the person behind the craft.

Therefore, the more you engage with your audience, the more you create a sense of community with them.

Engaging with your followers can help promote your craft and Instagram page, but it also builds a loyal and dedicated following that is equally interested in you.

It is important to remember that creating and maintaining these relationships takes time and effort, but the reward is a dedicated follower base that can help your craft grow.

8. Share user-generated content and give credit.

One of the key steps to cultivate your craft Instagram page is sharing user-generated content and giving adequate credit.

The beauty of social media platforms such as Instagram is their essence of community and interaction.

By sharing user-generated content, you not only foster this interaction but also can create stronger ties with your followers and customers.

In the context of a craft Instagram page, user-generated content can take the form of customers posting their purchased crafts, sharing their DIY projects inspired by your craft, or even giving a review or testimonial of your crafts.

When you share such content on your page, it not only adds diversity to your content but also authenticity, as it showcases your crafts in real life situations and adds social proof of the quality of your crafts.

This is significant because it shows the potential clients the practical benefits of your product and can convince them to purchase it.

The authenticity created by user-generated content provides tangible proof to your customers that people like them have purchased and enjoyed your crafts.

Furthermore, it encourages other followers to engage with your brand by sharing their experiences too.

However, while sharing user-generated content, it is imperative to give proper credit to the creator of the content.

It’s someone else’s work and they deserve recognition for it.

After all, they’ve taken the time to engage with your brand and share it with their followers, this action must be respected and appreciated.

This can be as simple as mentioning the user’s handle in the captions or comment section when you share their post.

This acknowledgement not only gives them credit, but it also develops a positive relationship between your brand and your followers.

It makes them feel valued and they are likely to continue supporting your brand.

Consequently, their followers, who might have never heard about your brand before, could potentially be introduced to your page too thereby expanding your reach.

Therefore, by sharing user-generated content and giving credit, you can cultivate your craft Instagram page by nurturing a community, adding authenticity to your page, and growing your page reach.

9. Collaborate with Influential Personalities

Humans are inherently social creatures, and as such, the impressions and opinions of those we admire have a powerful influence on our behavior.

This is especially true on Instagram, where influencers have the power to sway the likes and dislikes of their followers.

By collaborating with influencers relevant to your craft, you can tap into their large following and increase your reach exponentially.

Influencer collaborations allow you to align your craft with a familiar or respected face, thereby lending credibility to your brand and making your Instagram page more appealing to potential followers.

Besides, these collaborations can provide you with diverse content, which may inspire new followers or spark interest among your current followers.

By collaborating with influencers relevant to your craft, you can tap into their large following and increase your reach exponentially.

However, these collaborations should be approached thoughtfully.

It’s vital that you choose influencers who resonate with your brand and who share your craft’s aesthetic and values.

This not only improves the quality of your collaborations but also targets your ideal audience more effectively.

Crafting meaningful collaborative relationships with influencers can take time.

Start with small-scale influencers in your field and gradually build up to bigger influencers as your page grows.

It’s also essential to note that not all collaborations should be monetarily based – sometimes, a brand mention or exchange of products could work successfully.

Investing in influencer collaborations could yield considerable benefits for your craft Instagram page if done right.

It helps you to amass a larger audience, encourages follower engagement, and adds credibility to your brand.

This step could arguably be your big break on Instagram as a newcomer in your craft field.

You can watch this video to get a clearer understanding of brand collaborations on Instagram.

It’s a well-detailed tutorial showcasing ways to garner brands’ attention, making it a valuable resource for micro and nano influencers looking to expand their reach.

Through this collaborative strategy, you can grow your craft brand on Instagram.

Be patient, authentic, and creative, and you’ll likely see your number of followers, likes, comments, shares, and overall engagement begin to rise.

Remember that collaborations are meant to be mutually beneficial exchanges.

Ensure to offer the influencer something valuable in return – whether this is free product(s), exposure, a financial incentive, or another form of reward that could be meaningful to them.

Also, reciprocate support by engaging with their content and promoting their brand as much as they promote yours.

Done correctly, collaborating with influential personalities on Instagram can be a game-changer for your craft brand.

It’s all about finding the right fit, offering something of value, and understanding that meaningful relationships take time to cultivate.

10. Monitor and Analyze the Instagram Insights

On Instagram, the Insights feature works as a handy tool offering an array of valuable data to track your Instagram account’s overall performance.

With this feature, you are able to see what content attracts more engagement, the times when your followers are most active, and their general demographics.

It is crucial to regularly access these insights, monitor them attentively and analyze them strategically.

This will provide you with significant knowledge regarding what works and what doesn’t on your craft Instagram page.

Understanding your Instagram Insights well gives you an upper hand in crafting a successful strategy.

Monitoring your insights not just helps in identifying the peak times during which your followers are active, but also gives a clear picture about which posts have garnered maximum attention.

This knowledge enables you to publish your content at the right time, ensuring that it gets optimal visibility.

It also helps you in curating the type of content that resonates well with your followers, enhancing user engagement.

Instagram Insights also provide data on the demographics of your followers, including their gender, age, location, and most active hours.

This valuable information helps you in understanding the profile of your followers better.

Taking account of these demographics contributes to creating a more personalized content strategy.

It also advances your understanding of the audience’s likes and dislikes, which is vital when it comes to interacting with your followers.

Instagram Insights also tracks the total number of profile visits, website clicks, and call-to-action button clicks you’ve had in a week.

This helps you to measure the effectiveness of your Instagram account in driving traffic to your website or getting people to contact you.

Remember that Instagram Insights is not just about passively observing data; it is about understanding what the data means for your craft business and how you can leverage it for growth.

Adapting your Instagram strategy based on the insights gathered is essential in cultivating and growing your craft Instagram page.

Do not fear making changes in your Instagram strategy based on the insights; it is a necessary step towards development and success.

11. Adapt and refine strategy based on feedback.

The beauty of social media platforms like Instagram is that they provide real-time feedback from your target audience, making it possible for you to adapt and refine your strategies promptly.

Don’t dismiss the power of analytical data provided by Instagram.

It includes detailed insights about your followers’ demographics, the time they are most active online, the posts with most engagement, and a lot more.

This data is a gold mine for understanding the pulse of your audience and designing your posts to cater to their preferences.

Keeping a close eye on your Instagram insights can help you continuously adapt and refine your strategy, ensuring that you are hitting all the right notes with your target audience.

This systematic approach will take your craft to the next level as you’ll be more in tune with your audience’s needs and what type of content resonates with them.

Hold regular feedback sessions with your followers.

You can do this by asking open-ended questions in your post captions or Instagram Stories, encouraging them to suggest improvements or express their concerns.

This form of direct communications not only facilitates trust but also encourages more engagement.

When you take their opinions into account, it makes them feel valued, and they tend to be more loyal to your brand.

This video can provide you with some more insights into creating a successful strategy:

From this resource, you’ll be able to glean information about successful Instagram marketing strategies that can benefit your craft business.

Watching the video helps you learn how others successfully cultivated their craft business Instagram pages, and you can then adapt those strategies to your unique brand.

It is crucial to embrace the trial and error aspect of managing an Instagram business account.

Not all strategies will yield the desired results, and that’s okay.

What’s important is learning and evolving from these experiences.

Keep an open dialogue with your community, collaborate frequently, create high-quality content, and reciprocate the support you receive.

This interaction will help you create a strong, dedicated follower base.

Remember, refining and adapting your Instagram strategy requires patience and consistency.

With time you’ll be able to hone in on what works best and continually improve upon your brand image and engagement rates.

Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks when trying out new strategies or ideas.

The more you experiment, the more you get to understand what works and what doesn’t, and the better you’ll be at responding to your audience’s ever-changing tastes and preferences.

So, keep refining, adapting, and growing.

Your craft deserves to be shared with the world, and Instagram is an ideal platform for showcasing your work.

The Bottom Line

Essentially, successfully using Instagram to boost your craft business involves a strategic and considered approach.

Recognizing your unique craft and its target audience forms the critical foundation of your Instagram business presence, complemented by memorable branding and consistent posting of high-quality content.

Employing relevant hashtags enhances discoverability, while nurturing a proactive engagement with your followers deepens your audience connection.

Valuing user-created content and forming collaborations create a broader outreach.

Regular monitoring and analysis of insights allow for ongoing refinements to continuously propel your business forward.

Each aspect is essential in leveraging Instagram’s potential to maximize your craft business exposure and success.

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